Steem Women Club Contest #12:MakeUp Party & Skin Care | My Skin Care Routine

Skin care is like dieting. You have to invest time and effort. There is no instant miracle cure.
---Karen Grant


Buenas Noches Strong Women in the whole wide world.

Here I am again and I am going to share my first entry in this community about the 12th Contest entitled Makeup Party & Skin Care.



A long time ago, I usually see myself in a corner since I don't have enough confidence to face the crowd. I am really not confident in the way I look and dress. So, after I graduated and got work I tried to figure out what really matters to me. And I slowly use some skincare routine that would help me make me feel confident.

So, today I am going to share with you my morning routine.

Let's Get it Started

1. Wash your face with a bar of soap and water.

And I'm using the Skintouch Set. This was referred to me by a friend who has very glowing skin. We need to use the soap for better results.



2. Put an amount of Magic Exfoliant Toner in cotton.

I normally use cotton pads and I spread them all over my face in an upper direction as well as all over my neck to have a fair result. We need to do these to add a water barrier to my skin. This helps to act as a foundation for the next step that we are going to put on our faces.


3. Put an amount of Sunscreen Cream.

I just put a small amount of it and spread it fairly. It has SPF40 that protects us from the heat of the sun. It has also UVA and UVB protection. You should always apply this before going outside.


4. Put some powder.


5. Put on a little make-up.

I normally use a little eyebrow and put a little cheek tint and an amount of lipstick for me to add color to my face.




Tedeeeen! Here it is, and I'm ready to go out and face the crowd and mingle with my friends.



Thanks to this product
that adds color to my face...


I realized lots of things after writing this...

1. Self-love

We need to love and care ourself no matter how we look because it was a gift from God. All we have to do is to develop and let God's gift bloom. And to that, it helps you look more youthful. As you grow older, your skin looks duller and less radiant but if you give love to it, you will realize that it gets nicer everyday.

2. Time

We need to give time for ourselves for us to see the things we need to develop. And for us to refrain from overthinking. Coz once we overthink, wrinkles will come out to our face and we are always in a bad mood.

3. Be Confident

We should be confident because if we are confident enough we always look good and young. Never complain about anything because everything has a purpose. If you wanted to change something then, be motivated to achieve it by having a goal...

Thank you, strong women, and I am proud to be one...

Thank you @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemcurator05 & @cryptokannon. As well as @steemwomenclub for having this contest to help every woman be confident in their looks and stronger in anything they will do...

Once again, THANK YOU.


Love lots,


P.S. I challenge these beautiful women to post their entry... See yah! @mercy11@fabio2614@jenesa@rosevillariasa@steemitcebu

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Thank you for sharing your beauty skin care @kyrie1234 this is very helpful for us women. ❤️

19.03.2021 08:25

I challenge you to post your entry mam georgie...

19.03.2021 08:30

Coming soon!💕

19.03.2021 09:22

Wait lang. hahaha

19.03.2021 10:00

Go strong woman...

19.03.2021 10:13

wow what quality of publication, I really loved it 'my best wishes to you in the contest. Thanks for participating. And on behalf of @steemwomensclub I have accepted this participation as valid. Greetings

19.03.2021 10:49

Wow! tnx for accepting my participation mam and for the appreciation.

19.03.2021 11:26

You look beautiful, excellent post, Those productsI haven't see it where I live, it seems to be really good products.

19.03.2021 19:26

yes it is, and i am the living testimony

19.03.2021 22:58

And I am the witness . . .

20.03.2021 08:00

haha, tnx for the support mam...

20.03.2021 08:19