AIGO - Adopts Many Crypto AI-Payment Payment Networks

Hi friends on this occasion I will introduce a project to you, after I saw this project it turned out to have a huge potential for success. This project is a AIGO managed by orengitu. Well, for those of you who are still curious about the AIGO project, let's look at the following explanation.

  1. What is AIGO ?

AI payments are designed to transfer values directly between the two parties, without having to go through an intermediary (P2P). The basic type of this transaction is "Push", although this gal may be enough as a POC for cryptocurrency, it is certainly very enough to make them use payment using
digital currency for modern trade.

  1. Adoption of Blockchain e-Commerce to the World

AIGO is rebuilding the payment space with flexibility and ease of use of credit cards for blockchain technology. We are developing a complete payment system that has needs in the business world. Expand and increase your payment options and start following the cryptocurrency today

  1. Our Vision and Mission

At present there are many obstacles that prevent the purchase of goods with cryptocurrency if the holder does not convert to fiat currency. Adopting many crypto payment networks such as AI-Payment can cause holders of crypto currencies to be able to transact directly with traders without having to go through additional banking layers. By promoting protocols for high and large transaction volume industries.

  • Early adopters

Early adopters are leading businesses from various industries that have committed to the AI Payment Chain. This trader is vol. significant processing can be done at the AIGO Ecosystem.

  • Launch Partner

We have carefully selected launch partners with the ability to realize the potential of AI Payments in the field of personal market skills. This market will enable people to empower, pay service fees, and destroy the current revenue allocation model.

  • Pride of AI Payment

As part of a support system that will be developed to promote the adoption of AIGO tokens, we will combine applications as part of our wallets where only businesses have chosen to process with AI Payments.

  1. How does it work ?

In order for cryptocurrency to succeed over time, it must be a core aspect of the ecosystem it represents. The AI Payment Ecosystem will be built entirely around the AIGOPay Token function. Our goal is to create a "De-jure & De-Facto" standard. AI payments for modern payments by adopting strong economic token support.

Platform AIGO

  • A - Wallet

A dashboard of accounts is used to view account details and to connect wallet-to-wallet. Wallet is the user private key holder. A-Wallet will facilitate interaction with bill payments and between accounts. This interaction consists of PullRequests, transaction approvals, shows transaction history, and display account balances.

  • A - Store

A marketplace that supports AI-system, is it possible for users to buy goods without confirmation from the center, which is instant without a significant time lag. This is one of the AIGO Platforms that has something unique from other e-Commerce.

  • A - Card

A platform that we will realize is where the payment system uses an ATM card (A-Card). We will disseminate the A-Card that can help overcome the solution of the currency withdrawal (Crypto Card Bank) and to pay bills without the slightest fee.

  • A - Chain

AIGO will initially be introduced to the Ethereum network but intends to use other networks to develop signs in the future. The AIGO solution consists of several smart and unique contract components that come together to create a flexible AI-Payment Chain.


I have explained some of the explanations above. Well, for those of you who want to participate in it or want to know more about the AIGO project, you can follow the Link information below.

Tautan link :








Medium :

Bitcointalk Username: Mubarrak95
Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=1422572

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