My Judges Top 5 Selections For Week 6 of SGL!

Well here we are at week 6 already, I honestly can't believe it. I guess time fly's when your having fun!

This week was truly amazing, so many great entries it honestly made it really difficult to figure out where to place people. I know I spent a couple of hours moving and shuffling entries about, trying to figure out what did everyone the most justice.

I finally settled on my line up and figured I'd jump straight into writing the post, mostly so I don't change my mind again :P

But that just goes to show you, just how many kick ass entries we had this week.

So without further delays, here is my judges top 5 selection for week 6 of SLG!

First Place:

@minuetoacademy - Sonic Groove Live | Week #6 | Agnus Dei (Cover Song) by @minuetoacademy

I was drawn to your entry the instant it started, the choral style really added so much depth and character to the song. Then you started singing and I was quite honestly stunned, you have such an incredible voice and you know exactly how to use it with incredible power and control.

I was just blown away by this performance on every single level, you really created such an immense sound that filled the moment completely. Then the stark contrast of your vocals kick in and I was just dumbfounded, this is truly a masterful performance.

Your playing is impeccable, not a single missed note and just so smooth and perfectly flowing. But I really can not say enough about your phenomenal vocals, you really just smashed it out of the park!

I have to say as a vocalist myself, the control you display is superb and just a delight to hear. But not only your control the power you wield is clear, waiting for the ideal moment to release and allow your voice just to do it's own thing.

You display beautiful vocal agility, there is an absolutely stunning quality to the tone of your voice. Just all round an amazing performance, I just couldn't stop listening time and time again.

I loved this entry so much, it was just brilliant in every conceivable way and I truly cannot wait to hear more from you and hopefully soon!

Second Place:

@eugelys - Sonic Groove Live | Week #6 | Tanto y más (Original song) by Eugelys

Wow I had no idea you composed originals, not to mention you were bloody brilliant at it too! This was just absolutely fantastic, I was taken a back when I first heard it, then I realised it was an original and I was honestly in shock - how did I not know this...

Firstly your composition is stunning, I love how full the sound is with only the guitar. You have created such an emotive tune, that suites the melody perfectly - in fact they enhance each others presence beautifully.

Now for your stunning vocals, you really are stepping up the game in a big way here. Just an absolutely stunning composition of melody, that fits so well within the music. Creating a stunning sound when combined together so masterfully, I just kept listening to this on repeat.

I can easily picture hearing this song on the radio, such a sweet yet sorrowful song. There is heartbreak in the melody and the lyric, that transcend through the music. But I will say there is an almost hopefulness to the tune as well, I keep feel this swell of emotion and feeling like light is coming soon.

A really stunning performance, displaying a phenomenal vocal range and control - not to mention the power behind some of those notes was just amazing. You really blew me away this week, what an absolutely amazing song and brilliant performance.

I just can't get over the power you showed, especially with some of those high notes.... just stunning in every way! I really can't wait to see and hear more soon, just brilliant lovely <3

@barski - Sonic Groove Live - Week 6 - Autumn wind - original melody - Peter Barski

Wow I was really blown away by this performance and composition, really just a stunning performance. When taking your age into consideration it is all the more impressive, you have some fantastic skills already - I can't imagine what a few years will add to your skill level.

The composition was truly captivating, so varied and complex - I never knew where things were going to next and yet it all fit together beautifully. With the slow harmonics leading us into the song, it was when you really kicked things up a gear that I was absolutely hooked.

Just an amazing performance and composition on every level, you have created a really stunning piece of music here. With complexities incorporated that musicians decades your senior would be impressed to include, I was just blown away by the whole thing.

Really brilliant work here and a fantastic first entry for SGL, we are very lucky to have you with us and I truly cannot wait to hear more!

Fourth Place:

@jeremyowens9501 - Sonic Groove Live Week 6--Charles Dibley's Seven Settings for Piano Solo "Western Twillight", "Western Night" performed by Jeremy Owens

This was such a crisp and immense sound, I was almost stunned - then came the stunning beauty of the notes combined, the waves and flows of the music and how it creates a feeling of movement in itself.

You are obviously incredibly skilled musician, not a missed not and with an almost disjointed feel to the flow in moments not the easiest piece of music when timing is concerned. But those moments add so many layers to the feelings and emotions created, there's moments where its almost a creepy or should I say unsettled feeling the music creates.

I am not familiar with this piece, but I really love what you have done with it here. There is so much complexity to a piece like this, so much interpretation and choice in execution and I absolutely adore the decisions you've made here.

This was just brilliant and amazing and I really loved every second of it, I really hope we get to see more from you soon <3

@davidsuarezms - Sonic Groove Live Week 6 - "Viaje a la paz" (Original composition on guitar) by @davidsuarezms

Well again this is just absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, you have such an incredible gift my friend - you make that guitar sing! This was just phenomenal in every conceivable way, you really are an amazingly gifted musician.

I knew from the instant I heard the first note, it would be incredible and you definitely didn't disappoint. Whats more an original composition as well, just freakin brilliant!

This song is filled with so much feeling and emotion, there are subtle beautiful complexities weaved throughout. Not to mention the overall feel of the music, it creates an amazing escape - just listen close your eyes and be taken far away, the birds singsong adds this pure beauty to the song.

Creating a serene harmonious feel, that I just slip into effortlessly. What an amazing composition and a truly phenomenal performance, you really are incredible and I cannot get enough!

There we have it another amazing week of bloody brilliant musicians kicking some serious ass! I was just blown away this week, we are just so lucky to have so many amazing musicians gracing the stage. So a massive thank you to everyone who entered, without you none of this would be possible.

Also a massive thanks to the SGL team @ausbitbank, @isaria, @paintingangels, @joseacabrerav, @pechichemena and @zipporah, you guys go above and beyond each and every week - so a thank you for all you do to keep this show rollen.

Go show our awesome entrants some love and until next time keep grooven!

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Krystle fantastic work pulling this together. So much talent out there to bless the ears for million years. Massive love to you. Will have to come back and listen to all the latest happening as I been so full speed in projects. Resteemed and will try to catch your posts. much love

14.10.2019 11:31

Massive thanks on the resteem <3 I have always been blown away by the sheer talent we have on here and I knew we needed to keep something going, to keep musicians coming together on here.

It was a big group effort and we are thrilled with how things are going so far, but were still a baby contest :P

Great catching up with you and I will be keeping an eye out for your posts - much love <3

14.10.2019 11:51