My Judges Top 5 Selections For Week 2 of SGL!

Welcome to the second week of SGL! We had some absolutely fantastic entries this week, I was simply blown away and I'm sure as you keep reading you (and listening to the songs) will see exactly what I mean.

With some new faces joining us, it's nice to see musicians finding us and deciding to share some of their amazing art with our community. We are so lucky to have each and every one of you, we hope you know how much we love watching and hearing your entries.

Quickly before I jump into the reviews for week 2, I wanted to mention that I have added some important information at the bottom of this post. So be sure to check it all out so you don't miss out on anything.

Without further delays here is my top 5 selection for week 2 of SGL:

1st Place:

@origen1618 - Immortal

Firstly you guys smashed that video intro perfectly, I don't think I've ever seen it done so well especially with so many people. So immediate well done!

Now for the real review, holy wow this was absolutely amazing in every conceivable way. You are all so incredibly talented and you just all committed to this song and performance 100%, I just couldn't get enough I have listened to it so many times and still I go back for more.

This is why I have reviewed music for over 2 years on this platform, you never know what you're going to get and then out of the blue you get hit with something as phenomenal as this! @origen1618, @laveroarmas, @paomota, @eduardocdp, @jonathantvzla, @llovera and @fioalexa, I am honestly in a little bit of shock this was just a sublime performance on every single level.

You guys smashed the performance side of things, its all about the energy you bring to the performance. You guys just continually built that song more and more it was just fantastic, I couldn't stop moving and just wanted to dance around and know all the words so I could sing along with you.

This is just incredible, I am struggling to find the moments to highlight and mention to give you a better idea of just how much this entry kicked ass! Firstly the sound was full and cohesive, you were all perfectly in time. Not a missed note between you all, in fact I can't think of a single thing that could detract from that stellar performance.

You picked a high energy song that demands so much, not only from the musicians but the vocalists as well. Every single one of you were engaged with the song the lyric meaning and motive of the music, it was like watching a band that had been performing together for years.

This was such a brilliant performance, you guys conveyed emotion and it actually felt as though you were performing to a massive crowd. I am just blown away by how spectacular this performance was, I will admit I have a cope of this performance on my phone so I can listen to it while I drive :D

Now for my favorite part.... the vocals and wow guys, I was so blessed with this brilliant group or vocalists. You each have such beautiful and unique sounds, yet your voices mesh together flawlessly. You have given each person their own moments in the song, creating a perfect balance and using each of your skill sets to their greatest advantage.

It resulted in a perfectly layered and dynamic vocal display, not to mention the vocal agility, range, tone, chosen effects and embellishments. You guys had so many layers in there, it's hard to break it all down with out writing many many pages and even then I wouldn't be sure I'd caught them all.

But just a few major highlights for me would be the line sung by @paomota (I believe :S ) "I have here under my pillow your picture in front of Santa Clara.", it just sounded so amazing and had an amazing tonal quality I adored.

Then with the next line @origen1618 "I have the window open because that is how time escapes without seeing you" the vocal run you do on that line is just stunning perfection, I find myself drawn to moments in a song that make me want to sing it and this is another key moment in this performance that does that.

@laveroarmas what can I say but that start was epic and just kept going, you started so strong and it set everything off on the right note. You have impressive vocal control and your projection is fantastic especially given the intensely fast pace of the lyrics.

I could keep going about each of your individual efforts for days, I am simply blown away and can't believe how luck I am to get to hear and see this performance. You all display amazing vocal control, range and agility and I really can't fault a single thing with this performance.

But I will make one suggestion because I think I noticed something I found very cute, which was at the beginning of @paomota's first line she smiled slightly then increased the volume of her projection. Whilst I appreciate hearing you guys belt it out (in fact one of my all time fav things to do as a singer), but if you want to make it a little easier on the vocalists may I suggest a slight change of seating.

Or rather keep your general positions, but if the two lovely ladies stand up not only will they have additional support from their diaphragm and room for breath. This will make things so much easier to control, not only for you as singers but also for the person filming and trying to get a good mix.

With you standing they should be able to capture your vocals a little easier, with you being above the other instruments your voice will carry easier over their sound. It's not a massive difference but it can help a lot if you don't want to strain anything or bring in mic's, cause you guys definitely have the skill to project it's just about making your lives a little easier :D

All right I am cutting myself off now, but suffice to say I just loved every single moment of this entry and I truly hope to see more from all of you in the future <3

@edwardstobia - I always want to be better

Wow @edwardstobia I have missed that stunning voice my friend, not to mention the emotion you convey so perfectly through it. I was so thrilled to see your entry this week and even more so when I found out it was a @willins track, it bought back some memories and made it even more sweet for it.

Your playing as always is just perfection, you always have the perfect mix (even though you're outside). I can always hear you clearly which for me is crucial as I am always drawn to the vocals (when included), and of course you absolutely delivered.

You have such an emotive tone to your voice, I can feel the pain and anguish. Yet there is a sense of hope that rings through or at least determination to try to be better, a powerful song with a powerful message.

I think you have done @willins proud with your rendition of his work, I absolutely loved every moment. Just wow man, you killed it with that entry and I really cannot wait to see and hear more soon!

3rd Place:

@Mayneth - Something about me

@mayneth you make it all look just so easy man, it's like a second nature. Firstly I cannot ignore those bloody vocals for another moment, you just slaughtered that in every conceivable way.

The vocal range you displayed was truly breathtaking, I was a little flawed and listened through several times just to take it all in. In this instance for me at least your playing came second fiddle to your voice, though it too was perfection.

To me it was those insane vocals that just blew me away and keep pushing me further, as I listen again now as I write I can't help but listen in awe. Just an epic display of someone completely in their element, I just want to hear more from you now lol - so please enter again cause that was just bloody brilliant!

4th Place:

@donlucho - Elizabeth

This was just too beautiful not to include it in my top five this week, what a stunning heartfelt almost lullaby. You performed it with so much emotion, I just felt every moment of that song.

They playing is just perfection, the mix is stunning and I just love how the music works so well with the stunning melody. Just an all round beautiful performance, I listened to it so many times but I find myself at a shocking loss for words again.

It's just such an emotional song, it strikes to my core and I'm left a little saddened but also struck by the beauty of the message. Such a profound song and so stunningly presented, I just loved every moment.

You have such a beautiful tone to your voice, adding so much depth and character to this performance. I just really loved that entry so much and really hope to hear more from you soon :D

5th Place:

@partitura - Johann Ludwig Krebs, Prelude f minor, KWV 407

Wow man you know how to take things up a notch! This was an absolutely insane piece of music, I was just a little overwhelmed by it all so I can't imagine how you executed it so brilliantly. I was absolutely entertained the entire time, just trying to keep track of you keeping track of it.

I often think which instruments are the most physically demanding, well now I am adding organ to the list that's for sure. I usually say it's drummers with a full kit going all out, but with this your still using everything at once and that's about where my mind breaks (I'm lucky if I can do one thing right with one hand!).

This was such an interesting and convoluted piece of music, to be perfectly honest I lost my place almost immediately (but to be fair I can't sight read these days). But I love your addition of the sheet music so I can make my feeble attempts at tracking things.

But whilst I will say there was one momentary hiccup, with something like this I would have expected more and more often. But again that's just me and I was never a brilliant pianist, but I can absolutely appreciate the skill and efforts that went into pulling of an entry like this.

Honestly I want to compare it to a heavy metal drummer going all out for 8+ minutes, but at least they get to hit things lol. Again all jokes aside this really was a stunning performance, your ability is pretty bloody excellent and you my friend have a fan.

Keep it up and I can't wait to see what "original" you have for us next week ;)

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So there you have it another awesome week of fantastic music, I am really loving the variety of sounds were getting in so far. You guys have been absolutely brilliant and I am so excited to see how this week turns out, when all the judges results are in @sonicgroovelive will announce the week 2 winners!

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Hello @krystle, really, none of us has a way to thank you for all your words, we always try to improve, and for people to recognize our work, we are very happy, we will take your recommendations and thank you again.

16.09.2019 12:26

Hello @Krystle! I want to thank you for dedicating those beautiful words. I actually feel the music very deep in my heart and every time I sing or play I try to leave my soul on each note and live each chord or melody as if it were the last. So I thank you so much for taking the time to listen to me and appreciate it! A big hug and many blessings!

17.09.2019 02:45