My Judges Top 5 Selections For Week 19 of SGL!

Hey there lovely people, I am of course late as usual. I swear I can't ever be 100% satisfied with my own selections, you guys make this too hard some weeks - which don't get me wrong, it's a great issue to have.

However it makes for a rather neurotic me, but I always get there in the end and this week is no different - if I can get this done without taking too many hours, I may even try to smash out some honourable mentions cause this week was torture!

So let me get into this, here is my judges top 5 selection for week 19 of SGL!

First Place:

@danaidhbee - Sonic Groove Live #19 - Cabin Fever ( A Danaidhbee Original - First Entry :) )

A big hello and welcome to the SGL family, I have to say from the instant you started I couldn't stop moving - this music is infectious in the best possible way, I just couldn't get enough of it.

You definitely made an amazing first impression and I just wanted to be able sing along with you, that playing was absolutely intense throughout the whole song - but there were moments when I was simply flabbergasted at the tempo increase, maybe cause I am a novice player but damn that was impressive!

You absolutely smashed out that performance and I also have to mention those kick ass vocals as well, you really managed to create an amazing song with brilliant feel - you have an amazing tone to your voice and it's just crystal clear, you show some perfect vocal embellishments that just made this song so much more epic.

You got some vocal slides in there that are just divine, the tempo changes are just friken intense and brilliantly executed - I am really curious what other brilliant creations you have hidden away, I have to say I am loving your music and really hope to see and hear more in the future.

Second Place:

@missweirdy - Sonic Groove Live week#19 - Miss Weirdy - M I N E Original

Well this was absolutely amazing and I couldn't be happier to see and hear this awesome entry, you have a really incredible voice and better yet you know how to use it to great effect throughout this song.

I just love these lyrics, the whole premise of the song is just kick as - but you hook is just bloody brilliant, "partner in fuck and shine" this is the kind of lyric I just can't get enough of.

Your use of language is brilliant, that one line says so much more that most songs out today - it's short and to the point, but just works so fucking well. Your playing is the perfect accompaniment with this song, I love the whole feel and vibe of this song - you've created this awesome atmosphere with it and I just can't get enough.

I was so stoked to see you enter again this week and again I'm so sorry I couldn't review your last performance, it too was kick ass so thrilled you could join us this week and I really hope we keep seeing these amazing entries from you!

Third Place:

@eugelys - Sonic Groove Live | Week #19 | Devuélveme la vida (Cover) by Eugelys

Ahhh how I've missed you sweet and stunning vocals, just divine as always - you always create such a light and stunning sound, it's so captivating and pretty I just can't get enough of it.

You show some amazing power with this performance as well, you hold those notes perfectly - your vibrato is just breathtaking and those lower notes just take my breath away, epic isn't enough to describe this performance.

Absolutely astounding and sublimely beautiful, I was blown away by this phenomenal performance - you have the most amazing voice and you know exactly how to use it to amazing effect, creating some seriously amazing pieces of music.

So lovely to hear your beautiful voice again and I hope we continue to see more of you, absolutely brilliant performance!

Fourth Place:

@jubei333 - Sonic Groove Live #19 - The Mermaid - Clancy Brothers Cover ( Drinking Whiskey and Singing Sea Shanties ,Yay! )

Firstly I must say brilliant song choice, I had never heard this before - but I absolutely adore songs that tell a story and this was a rather epic one to be sure, I just couldn't help but get into this performance.

This is quiet a breath focused song, that was the other thing that caught my attention - there is just so much breath work to keep on top of this song, I could see it easily getting away from you if you weren't paying attention (or at least me lol).

I have to say your voice perfectly suits this form of sea shanty song, you really seemed to get into it as well and that is always a massive draw for me - I am really loving this performance and simply had to include this entry in my top 5.

Your playing was just spot on throughout and your vocals were perfect for this style of song, brilliantly executed and I really hope to see more soon!

Fifth Place:

@edwardstobia - Sonic Groove Live Week 19 - Original Song "Blanco y negro // Black and white " - by @edwardstobia

I have to say your music is just consistently so emotional and moving, I always love your performances - even weeks when I don't include you in my top 5, I have never disliked an entry and I often spend days moving people around constantly.

I absolutely adored this performance, you just manage to create these epic emotional pieces that catch your breath - it's so captivating and amazing to hear, I just can't get enough.

Your voice is seriously one of the most emotive I have ever heard, one phrase and the mood of you song is set - its amazing to see and hear. I love your music and really hope to keep hearing more in the weeks and months to come.

Well I'm already late again, so just gonna race to do the final announcement post - there were so many amazing entries this week, I really truly struggle with who to put where.

Unfortunately there is only 5 places, but so many bloody amazing entries - it's a challenge, but I am so grateful to each and everyone of you who enters. You guys are amazing and without you none of this would be possible, until next week - keep groovin!

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Comments 3

Thanks! Your words are so sweet :)

13.01.2020 15:17

Wow @Krystle thank you so much for taking the time to write such thoughtful words for my first entry!

I wasn't sure which song to play first so decided just to try Cabin Fever ,Im glad you enjoyed it.

I will try another original tune for this weeks contest.

Congratulations to everyone else,I really enjoyed listening to everyone's performance.

13.01.2020 19:47

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