U are already Interdimensionsal & TIme Traveling & Space Traveling

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Our entire galaxy is moving allways.. although if u where in a higher frequency realm where time is more non existent.. u could actualy experiance the galaxy of milky way moving away from andoremida.. instead of towards it as u beleive your doing yea u actually move entire galaxies with thought.. although u must be very highly evolved to learn to do that coinoussly ... no need to worry about doing it wrong however...

most of the science of your world is complete bullshit to be honest not being judmential its just how it is or has been or was..
its been about disewmpoerment...
spending all of your savings just to be taught mostly bullshit and told hey if u think outside of how we tell u your bad your naughty and so forth....
not how a enligetned society should operate..
... chicago actually needs in your realties far more plant are filterationd /oxygen/food producing towers or you call them sky scrapers..
there is a entire city beneath this also especially in parallel realties...
and huge dome spacecraft that are the size of whatever u can imagine that already exist..
if u think this is to hard or beyond possible perhaps u should do whatever u want but they still exist... you helped co-create this entire universe/multiverse..
so i make entire univereses all of which are valid the darkest most painful to the most joyful and everything in between and beyond!
you are in all of these right now of course... from the higher perspectives..
there's nothing wrong with this realms or where u are now ur creating what ur doing right now as is the one doing the automatic writing creating your english words...
building the tower of babbel as you call it was a manipulated story put in your what u call new king james verison bible who was part of a not so nice to you secret group who saught dominace over others who agreed to be dismpowered threw pscyhological manipulation there is some truth in there but very little..
most of your world relgions are there as what u might call herd managment tools as well as mass media ,radio, tv, internet tv etc .... there are communities on your world who are far more free and indepent but there's infinte verisons of "your world" and all worlds within your universes which is quite a large number that is perhaps not relevant to know just yet but lets say its quite high as are you .

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