more mars fun

finally found a crater that looks like it goes deeper

hmm this 1 clearly has a underground base in that mesa it pratically screams it i wanted to assume some where earlier but this looks pretty good also looks like a pyramid in this 1 to that shit about mountain looking exactly like pyramids is disinfo sure u can mis idenity stuff maybe but theres infinte realms so no1 wrong!
o i mean u gunna say that u should call the pyramids in bosina in europe moutains they actually tried to least 1 group pepole thing or used to just tells the truth and never any lies... i mean almost everyone lies least once in a long while...
was really funny some of the richest ppl $ wise on earth lie the most while they convince others threw mass media and even just cartoons lieing is wrong while they lie there entire lives ...
course some are literally paid multi-million $ salries to lie so lol

more crater bases how shocking :P

noticed some clear pefect lines in this

pyramidable buulding

insnaely obvious base in this 1 looks like jointed together segments

more meteor & bomb cracter bases

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