more edwards fun

oh i found a high altitute long duration suralliance drone and wat looks like 2 half sections of rockets huh ?

god i need to pay someone to remote view this place i mean we all can but wow....

looks like there's underground hangers with spaceships here damm...

last time i did this a grey human contacted me so hehe

also there's that hour long doc from like 2007 about how aircraft are about to be obsolete yea depends on the timeline sure... if your in with the right crowd they already are :)

well i see a neat line with trinagle ? maybe a tr3g drone launch port?

not building ufos huh

do want u want but i know we are but hey thats pretty cool though!
the silly jet engine verisons should enter public mass production b4 long....

prolly just swamp gas but i mean hell if swamp gas can make a warp3 spacecraft i need some of this shit!

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