Many civilzations interacting with many worlds-3

space organisms exist they admitting this now actually like microbes growing on the iss in space orbit...
and those taradgraides
and microbes in comets

they keep hiting earth life came on a comet -code for et's helped co -create our species with genetic material from all over the galaxy...

there's beings that live in hyperspace also that can move at or faster then light..

supposed space organism that fly around in earths upper atmsohper

50 mins

secret nasa video feeds lol yea those existed whole time

The Illuminati and the conquest of the secrets of space-movie

mir surrouned by craft... hmmm i might need to start monitoring the iss with a telescope O.o

the day after rosewell

enegy weapon attempts shoot down ufo

supposed shot down ufo? looks exactly like 1 of our ships randy kramer flew

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