JOurnal Stuff for 1-4-2020

hadnt did a article in while so figured just post this

PT 2
wat u do 4 work these days?
i was gunna make a living sitting dogs but living with someone not into it kinda fucks it up
was nice tho
1 my fav answers out of oujia board
was the feeling of if u build ur own starship and go to mars i dont recommend rockets either
something more like this

or this

silly kinda backwardish approach

like star trek trying to convince the masses the only way possible to teleport is the most complicated one possible almost spectrum
but they did finally reveal a easier one short range psychic ability teleporation
had a awesome dream tho i was telekenisies spinning this piece of something color of lead in a gemoetric tube shape so fast it was made a spin up motor wirring noise cause i was doing like thousands of rpm with it and it even started smoking a little cause of the fricition
i cant tell you how happy and amasing that made me feel cause i know its real....
5:57 PM
im lookin forward to doing really good pk in front of ppl who are on the fence about it or feel maybe its not real then make em all be like wtfh -real telekensis school

seriously gunna take 1 his classes soon super dope! im exicitied to share stuff with him he dosent even know u can do :P

i mean hell ive got a semi truck's engine to fucking shutoff! so not useful my asshole!
<3 that silly pointless arugment tho lmao
or whatever silly shit hoes love 2 come up with :)

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