Even Science or whatever the fuck that is Changing ! Finally admitting other dimensions exist nice!

& Badasses! Of course this has happened before! Be nice if you admit the mayan civlizations actually still exist because ive met them so have many others we know for a fact they do! But u wanna argue that africa dosent exist be my guest! In a sense it dosent perhaps if your not there to your concoiunesses ? but still exists whether u want to believe


its exiciting hollywood even coming out with some metaphysical movies this year to!
like 1 where a guy remeber some of his past lives n stuff.
although knowing them its probably really dark as alot of earthlings have alot of darkness to let go off thats isnt as hard as ud think! sure some might prefere to hold others back a little but some would rather we grow to n regardless we choose there entire universe/multiverse we experiance even if ur in a so called physical jail!
which u can dematerlise urself out of and just leave anytime u want!
probably why they dont teach this in elementary school cant control a empowered individual or masses at all!
really its kinda a illusion anyways cuz we all roleplaying so anyone pretending to be weaker or powerless still has there power cuz others are u so its always within!
i dont really like the pushed superhero thing anyways as there not very nice... more just 3 to 4 strand beings who believe there superior and pretty godamm mean to! i get hurting others that have hurt u is a easy temptation that many warriors refuse to exist and thats fine whatever!

royalty is bullshit to most of those top ones who want 2 claim there better then u arent even fully human of course we all hybrids but if ur smart u know what im saying up to them being competly different species just wearing very fancy biolgoical human/holographic costumes.
They even show this in your fantasy and sci-fi 1 of the most reasont ones was the orville where a reptile person tricked a human captain into some rather shady stuff...
sci-fi kinda rigged to liers saying bullshit like time travel only gets invented in the future it exists now u dont even need a machine cuz u are it!

your dreams are parallel realities that still exist right there! one of the things that will happen after open contact individually and collectivelly is theyll literally teach those that are interested in how to navigate yourself/shift to realties you actually would more enjoy! of course some do temporarly enjoy pain and suffering realms and domination over others who pretend to temporarily be weak..

but wouldnt u rather be in a paradise realm where u can literally manifest anything u want out of fucking thin air!?
because those are real u can cry a little if u wants its fucking awesomes!
yes even a friend of partner from the most amasing movie or dream or story or porn yes nothing wrong with porn even aliens some are into porn and have strip clubs lol! hell some find our race quite sexy also! depends on your taste i suppose...
pretty amsing out there within our dream selfs!

all pictures r real just fyi not just this!

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