Edwards airforce base

home of physics cool stuff like teleporation & secret ssp craft

hel maybe if im nice one of them will telepathicly pick me up some night a foresty area at least sligthly away from pepole..
they could stay competely invisible and just talk me over and stuff...


came here after reading that....

funny base used to have a bove ground freight rail line ...
never seen 1 with that... i guess they got ride of them
after the et's helped them build 2,000+mph plus magleve systems with jumpgates to other worlds,dimensions & star systems....

i love how there always supposedly not running a ufo obserbation program are u shitting me every airbase has radars & personal who's shole jump is to watch for that kinda stuff among just ur typical rouge aircraft

sure im seeing stuff threw a lens but this huge borax mine seems like a awesome cover for a dumbase entrance

yea def got invisible craft flying outta here with that

hay damm i was right prolly right about that mine nearby to!

they really dont promote gems like this to tourists course there testing out and flying anti-gravity craft here
and have been for years so they dont want ur photos but who knows ur a military photographer with right clearance i bet u get to see some wild stuff! course u can just in life period but lol

Nasa food court lol i wonder where the alien food court is oh underground prolly...
this base does have alot of et & ufo legends about it now that i remeber...
hell this prolly 1 of those places they tested out those reverse engineered flying saucers

thats super funny proganda news says this thing that crashed years ago that looks exactly like a et drone ship is just a satellite thats so bulshit ive never seen a satellite we have that looks exactly like a et ship nice one u pranked us good!

i mean geez that got the sr-71 out front like it just a cool semi-antique relique

but i guess comapred to craft there probably working on that size that can hyperspace jump i guess so :O

whats funny is the compartmenisled special access programs are real so keep thinkiny ppl like us crazy fine by me im CRAZY AS SHIT BITCHES WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

HELL the underground sections here probably bigger the entire above ground stuff by at least 2x to 3x i betcha maybe more!?

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