Cloaking Methods Huge POp 1 Canccel out Light

think of it like a 100% sound sliencer expect for light so the light either hitting object or area is neutrised so none hits it or
u can us quantum micro wormholes to suck all the light into somewhere else making again none it the object.

this kinda stuff they have and test at places like area 52 and underground.
all will be revealed eventually though.
however there still can be lieing and tricking to a lesser degree in 4th density or 5th d.

simple cloaking device most if not all colleges will have cloaking tech division soonOptics: Destructive interference - Where does the light go?MAny huge colleges have a cloaking tech divison now. Eventually most if not all will in years to come.
many groups & colleges does fun stuff they tell no1 yet expect unless u in it or using ur pinkie sense :Oon to come.

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