UOW Friday Night Clash: Dasha and Boris Plan for their first Title Match:

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Russian Embassy, Washington D.C. A couple of days after Friday Night Clash 11

Dasha sat in her office, going about her day job. After all, to get the diplomatic immunity she and Boris needed to do their real jobs, one had to, at least tangentially, be a diplomat of some sort. For Dasha, a FSB agent, this meant a position as ‘Head of Security’. It was one of her favorite roles. Spy Hunter. Inquisitor. Ruthless keeper of the status quo and enforcer of government in Moscow. For Boris, this meant security detail… actually being a visible, and intimidating, presence. A warning to potential troublemakers.

At the moment, she was watching video from Friday Night Clash, studying the performances. Her job mostly just required her presence in case something went wrong. Most days she had all the time she needed for ‘other’ projects. A knock on the door tore her eyes from the video briefly. Seeing the huge silhouette on the door, she nodded. Boris. She idly waved her hand and verbally called for him to enter. The door opened and the large muscular man walked in, looking at the video too before nodding. “I thought you liked her.”

Dasha nodded. “Da. She’s a friend. Worthy of respect. I might even have use for her. However, holding back against her is both insulting to her and a mistake. Go anything less than full bore against her and she will make you pay. Now she knows once more we are threats that need to be taken seriously. More importantly, any chance of her and Huckleberry ever working together has been wiped out. Divide and Conquer, Boris. Valora’s only trustworthy ally now is a young, inexperienced protege she is training.” Boris raised a giant finger. “Umm the..Japanese guy.” Dasha smirked. “She’s defending her title against him this week… a situation that plays into my hands perfectly.”

Boris looked at Dasha quizzically and Dasha replied by wheeling her chair over to a Chessboard she had set up. Each piece had a label on it indicating the name of one of the wrestlers in UOW. Dasha nodded. “I’m having custom pieces made, for the moment.. This will do. Right now we have a more or less united left wing popular social movement represented by Valora, Abbigail Dresden, and Takuma Sato. Others have yet to really firmly establish their faction. Valora already distrusts the extremists Sato is falling in with. This week, you and I will hit that link and shatter it. I have a propaganda video that will be going up on UOWs website later on today. Then you and I will win the tag team titles and you will break this Evolution and put an end to him once and for all. Then we have one more move to play at Friday Night Clash 12.. A move that will wait for later.”

Boris shifted in his seat slightly as he listened to the instructions Dasha gave him and nodded, cracking his knuckles. “Da. He will be broken. But Valora has other allies. Her agent, Kronin, Kronin’s sister. Jeremiah Vastrix.” Dasha raised an eyebrow in surprise. “You’ve been doing your homework.. Nice to see you learned reading along the way. Jeremiah Vastrix is not ally of Valora’s. She killed his father and sooner or later, Jeremiah and his board will find the oversight of Valora and Kronin to be more trouble than it’s worth. Jeremiah Vastrix is Bourgeois. Valora is the poster child for the Proletariat. The two worlds can not mix. We should not need to do much more than stand aside and watch that alliance implode on it’s own. Kronin has been injured by this Evolution.” Dasha rotates her laptop, showing a complete read out of Kronin’s medical records. “Luckily for us, MOX news has even worse cyber security protocols than the American government does. I am quite sure you could have hacked in and gotten the information without being detected. From what I see here, it looks as if the doctors are convinced Kronin’s career is over. His sister is.. Even more arrogantly self righteous than her twin brother is so I would not place bets on her and Valora getting along for very long. Her agent.. Now that is definitely a potential threat. But she is not beyond a measure of control either.”

Boris nodded, looking over the information on the computer screen and turned to Dasha. “Won’t we get in trouble if the Americans realize you stole this?” Dasha shook her head. “Nyet. Even if they discovered the records were accessed, they can’t trace it back to here or to us. Besides Boris..We control the American government.. So let’s say somehow they did figure out it was me. The worst the government can do is send me back to Moscow.” Boris nodded. “You spoke with American government? This why you were absent yesterday and in late today?” Dasha smirked. “I had...a loose end in New York to tie up.. But yes between that favor and taks I’ve had with the Americans, I am being assured that the President has broken free of the blob cults control. Naturally, Moscow and I want proof of this. I have instructed the Americans to make an example out of this cult. When the attack happens and Moscow and I are happy with the proof, we can resume our partnership.”

Boris glanced over at the chess board as he listened to Dasha speak and, after a moment, she paused, her eyes also moving over to the chessboard before looking back at Boris, an amused smirk on her face. “You play?” Boris shrugged. “Used to, when I was younger. After I was conscripted and later made it through Spetsnaz program, I found little time to play.”

Dasha set the board up and gestured for Boris to move first as she poured two glasses of vodka and set one by her side and one in front of Boris. Boris took a drink and glanced at the board, thinking for a moment before he moved a pawn on the far right side forward 2 spaces. “So what is plan so far?”

Dasha also took a drink and moved a pawn on the left side forward one space. “Moscow has seen the poll numbers for McStrump. We see the Americans beginning to organize and fight back. Initially, bringing the Americans over to our side was thought impossible.. But our success has opened that door. However, we can not forget our main goal here. Cause chaos. Weaken and distract the Americans and make it impossible for them to focus on international problems because of their own internal problems..To that end, Moscow wants us to ‘hedge our bets’ as the Americans would say. Part of our operations will back McStrump and the Republicans. We have Kompromat on McStrump, we are gaining it on other key political figures as well. Between that, greed and re-education when and where feasible, we will bend the Republican party to our will. However, if the left wing forces win we want allies there too. So Moscow wants us to reach out to the extreme left wing. The communists and others like them. I believe Valora could be a key figure in that. After all, some of our best allies have come from Central America and Mexico.”

Boris is thoughtful as he listens, taking another drink of his vodka and looking over the board moving the pawn one to the left of his first move forward one space. “Valora doesn’t seem like communist to me, Dasha. Socialist maybe.. But she is rich. Is she not Bourgois?” Dasha smiles. “Nyet my dear Boris. She is not. She does not use her wealth to oppress. She gives massive portions of it back to the people. She.. protects them. This is what makes her more dangerous now than she has ever been before. She has a cause. She has reason to fight. She is no longer fighting for selfish reasons. She is like us in World War 2. Fighting for our people. Fighting for survival. She was screwed out of her title.. I am going to help her by pointing that out. I want to use her strength to my advantage.” Dasha moved her next pawn forward one space. Boris glanced at her, slightly confused and Dasha leaned forward. “I am going to remind the people that as champion, Valora defended her belt every show. Something the current coward does not do. Something no one else does. I am going to say that since winning her current title, she has defended it every show.. I am going to tell the people that UOW hates hispanics.. That they want a white man to have the belt. That they screwed their beloved champion.. I want the people to demand Valora take more aggressive action. I want the people to demand that Valora side with us.”

Boris made his next move and looked at Dasha. “What about this group Sato belongs to? Useful idiots, nyet?” Dasha shakes her head. “Nyet. I thought so at first.. The group claims communist ideals and might have been useful but their leadership is too unstable and untrustworthy.. This Ares is a criminal.. An anarchist. He doesn’t care about the people.. He wants to watch things burn and uses revolution as a justification for it. Valora feels the same. She is only reluctantly working with them. I want to give her a better option.”

Boris nods. “How?” Dasha smirks. “I want you ready at the show. Ideally I would want you dressed like red shirted thugs and have it appear you are aiding Sato and have Valora win by DQ to retain her title but you are.. Too big for disguise to work as intended. Instead, we will watch the match and if need be, we will make sure Valora retains her title.” Boris nods, taking a drink. “Valora will not approve.” Dasha nods. “Nyet. She won’t. But I have bad feeling about this match. If Ares and his thugs do not screw Valora over to get their new puppet some power and thus themselves more power, the same sooka that attacked Valora and cost her the main belt might show up again. I want us ready to either even the odds, or help Valora hold on to her title. In the meantime, we have other ways in.”

The two continued their chess game and a few hours later, ended their day jobs. Dasha and Boris then made their way down to a studio to record Dasha’s interview for UOW. As they made their way to the studio, Boris looked over at Dasha. “So what is grand plan of yours exactly?” Dasha smirked and looked around, ensuring they were alone before continuing. “Ares is fool… but he is useful idiot. He could be dangerous.. If he could focus brainpower for longer than 2 seconds at a time. He is emotional, rash.. Reactive.. He wants anarchy.. But his red shirted fools might convince the people to follow them off cliff. I will give them a new champion to follow. If things go well, Ares and his thugs will attack Valora to try and steal title for Sato. This will enrage Valora and the people.” Boris nods. “And if Red shirts...don’t attack?” Dasha smirked and patted Boris on the shoulder. “They will, comrade.. If Ares doesn’t send his red shirts out I will send mine out.. Either way the people will see Ares and his thugs try to steal Valora’s title.”

Boris was about to ask for more information, but Dasha silenced him by raising her hand as they reached the recording studio for the interview. A UOW Reporter sat there, adjusting his tie as he prepared. Dasha walked up to him and raised an eyebrow. The man smiled and offered his hand. “Hi there. I’m Jason Johnson, Mox News… we umm thought it might be nice to take full advantage of having a representative of the Russian government here So if that’s alright with you I can ask you some questions?”

Dasha glanced at Boris and nodded. “Da. Tell me Mr….Johnson.. Were you told how media works in Russia?” He nodded. “Yes but ummm I’m American and you’re in America and-” Dasha narrowed her eyes a bit and nodded. A few seconds later, the camera went on and the reporter began. “Hello UOW and MOX News viewers! Jason Johnson here with Dasha Dra-” Dasha cut in by leaning in and whispering something in his ear and he nods. “Oh.. right, sorry. We’ll stick with Dasha for now. Anyways, Dasha and her partner Boris landed with a major impact last episode of UOW Friday Night Clash, as they decimated the team of Valora Salinas, first ever UOW Franchise Champion and current Champion Huckleberry. I’m told the win so impressed the higher ups at UOW, that the two of you now have been booked for a chance to win the tag team titles. So let’s start with your thoughts on your opponents.”

Dasha smirked. “Of course we won.You Americans. You think you can just tap two people on the shoulder and tell them they’re a team. You grab top tier talent and say screw chemistry or other intangibles.. Valora Salinas and Huckleberry were never going to be an effective team. You screw Valora Salinas out of her title and expect her to be a good little Cyka and work for the man who benefited from the travesty that stole her belt? A white from the south. A region of the country and demographic that is directly responsible for putting McStrump in the white house and thus lets him declare war on the hispanic population, a population, by the by, that includes Comrade Salinas. Gee.. I wonder why the two spent more time fighting each other than they did Boris and I. It’s a complete mystery.”

Johnson cleared his throat and nodded. “Well.. yeah.. I guess put like that.. But surely a country as big as Russia has similar issues.” Dasha laughed a bit. “Did you see issues between Boris and I? I am from Moscow. Boris was born in small village in Siberia. We are a team. Boris and I have fought for our country for years.. In the ring. In war. In many different ways. If Boris and I as a team are given a goal. Boris and I will achieve that goal, as a team. It is why you will see us win the Tag Team titles.”

Jason Johnson nodded as he listened and when given a pause to continue, he did. “Okay so.. You seem to admire Valora Salinas. May I ask why?” Dasha grins. “She is poster child for the Proletariat! She is what Karl Marx and Frederick Engels and Lennin imagined.. An oppressed worker rising up and taking her freedom from her would be oppressors. She has fought the revolution her whole life. Now she has people behind her. People who see what she’s fighting for. Who see the ‘elites’ as they call themselves steal her glory from her, try to force her back down. There will be a revolution. The people will not allow the so called ruling class to dictate to them who to cheer for.. They will not follow some drunken, hot headed fool and his band of red shirted anarchists. I might be wrong, but I believe they will follow Ms. Salinas. Huckleberry? He is a fool. Mentally weak, I do not blame Valora one bit for deciding she had a better chance against us by herself than with that moronic imbecile dragging her down and holding her back.”

Jason Johnson nodded eagerly. He was told that getting wrestlers to insult their opponents was good so this had to be going very well, right? Maybe he might finally break onto the actual MOX News network! A man could dream… He turned his focus back to the matter at hand. “Well now your upcoming challenge. You have a man in Evolution who has reportedly ended one career already and injured at least one other opponent. Any concerns?” Dasha said nothing just grinned at pointed to Boris who crackled his knuckles, narrowed his eyes and said simply. “I will break him.”

The camera panned back to Dasha who nodded. “Evolution is fitting name. I guess we will see if he is more fit to survive than Boris and I. I think he will be proven weak and will pay for it.” Jason Johnson nodded and glanced towards Boris trying his best to contain the nervousness he felt at the man’s intimidating presence. “And his partner? Rayven?” Dasha was silent for a moment, considering. “She looked promising for a new talent making her debut.. Perhaps after we free her from her ‘partner’ holding her back she can come into her own. We will see. Regardless, we will see if she can turn in a good performance even if she is on a team that can not win this fight.”

Jason Johnson nodded. “To move to politics for a second, I’m sure you’re aware that a portion of Americans believe your country has interfered with American Elections and helped President McStrump get elected. Can you put that to bed once and for all?” Dasha laughed a bit. “I find it interesting. There has never been a presidential election without interference. Your Electoral College decides who the President is. Not the American people. It’s a nice little lie you’ve all told yourselves but the simple truth is the American people have never once chosen their own leader. They make their choice and hope a cabal of secretive elitists decide to give them their wish.Between that and the accusation that anyone with a social media account can mess with your election makes me wonder how Americans can believe their election system is the envy of the world. But da. Your elections have been stolen from you. By your electoral college. Rather than looking for foreign countries to accuse, perhaps you should address the inherent corruption in your own systems.”

Having gotten what he needed on the politics front, Jason Johnson gave a wide smile and nodded in agreement with Dasha. “I agree. I have so much more to ask you but I see we’re running out of time. Thank you so much for your time today and good luck in the upcoming match.”

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A great story and a great read, good luck in our match.

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