Epstein's Death and Questions to Answer

Epstein's alleged suicide is mired in questionable actions by the prison that make it look like his death was a hit to silence him.


There are questions to be answered. Some of them may get answered, but some may stay blank, like happens in many mysterious events like the JFK assassination. Michael Snyder has compiled 7 questions to ask about this event:

  1. Why are the autopsy results being delayed?
  2. What will the cameras show?
  3. Why was Jeffrey Epstein taken off suicide watch?
  4. Why did the guards break prison rules and not check on him every 30 minutes?
  5. Why would Jeffrey Epstein try to kill himself if he was adjusting so well to prison life?
  6. Why did Jeffrey Epstein tell guards that someone was trying to kill him?
  7. How could Epstein kill himself in a prison where the cells had been specifically designed to prevent that from happening?

This first one is reminiscent of the JFK cover up. Will we ever get a "real" autopsy report? Some have speculated Epstein is alive and living well on some island somewhere, which could be the case. But if dead, what is the real cause, strangulation by himself in a suicide, or by someone else and made to look like a suicide?

That cameras being off is typical of a coverup.

The removal from suicide watch appears to be the work on his lawyers who had him transferred to the regular population a week earlier. Did Epstein want this to have the opportunity to kill himself? Or did they sell him out to put him in a position to get killed?

Guards not checking in every 30 minutes outside of suicide watch can happen. Maybe an engineered event somewhere prevented them from carrying out their duties on time. 30 minutes is enough time to hang yourself though.

Apparently Epstein was accepting prison life. But maybe it was a front to be able to off himself. The first alleged suicide attempt plastered in the media was contradicted by rumors of him saying someone was trying to kill him.

Apparently the sheets were used to wrap his neck and tied to the top bunk. I guess he could have kept his legs up and hung, but usually in the throws of death the body will response automatically to survive. I would think standing up wouldn't be hard. Who knows.

Lots of questions. Will we get answers?

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I think he was killed in silenced. Interesting questions thanks for sharing @krnel

14.08.2019 00:00

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14.08.2019 00:01

Perhaps that talk of a switch was indeed a double so the real Epstein could be very well alive. An act and charade to convince the Deep state that they have succeeded in killing him. Such can be part of his plea deal for information.

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14.08.2019 00:03

The only thing i do know is that psychopaths won't take their lives.

Psychopaths live in a delusion that someone else did all those bad things. They sleep with a clean conscious. They also feel that they are smarter then everyone else, and so, will of course convince the jury of his innocence.

Why would some like this commit suicide?

14.08.2019 00:32

No way it was suicide.. It was murder..

14.08.2019 00:38

i dont think it was even murder these sociopaths dont kill their own and he had way to much info to get out if they killed him
i dont think that was an option no matter how many people wanted him dead
just like osama was dead from kidney failure long before obama caught him
what a charade
cheers bud

14.08.2019 14:57

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14.08.2019 07:51

its funny they did the same thing to kenny lay from enron except the difference is they killed kenny and epstein is alive and well
if they killed him all the info would come out so he is probably on an island living large and startin up his sex businuss again and funding on how to make us all sterile
what a joke this reality show is
great article and have a great day bud

14.08.2019 14:54

also would like to add everyone is happy he is dead so its case closed what a bloody disgrace

14.08.2019 14:55


14.08.2019 15:14