Bill Gates Won't Answer Why He Flew on Epstein's "Lolita Express"

It's been revealed that Bill Gates flew on the pedo-plane run by convicted sex-offender Jefferey Epstein. This wasn't over a decade ago, when Epstein wasn't arrested and convicted. This was after he was already convicted of being a sex offender.


Gates flew on the "Lolita-Express" years after Epstein pled guilty to soliciting underage prostitutes. And he won't answer why he was on Epstein private plane. It seems obvious why, especially since he won't give an alternative reason than engaging in sexual activity with young girls.

It was only 4 month after Epstein was released from jail in 2009 that Gates flew with him. Then he did it again in 2013 from New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport to Palm Beach. Reports allege discussions of a philanthropic nature only. But are we to believe that.

The "Lolita Express" was not a normal plane to simply have business meetings on. It was reinforced with padding for wild sexual orgies. Given the conviction, why would some "respectable" agree to go have a business meeting on a plane used for that purpose?

Representatives for Gates claim their is no tie between Gates and Epstein. Yet, Epstein once said he worked as a financial advisor to Gates. Gate's former science adviser Boris Nikolic was also a back-uo executor of Epstein's will. Those are ties, despite the denials.

Nikolic further funds several gene-editing startups. Epstein wanted to turn "his New Mexico ranch into a facility where countless women could be impregnated with his seed".

The elite have perverse desires they want to accomplish. I see a transhumanist world emerging, where humanity loses being human. I see Altered Carbon fiction eventually becoming a reality.


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Dark to Light, WWG1WGA .........

25.08.2019 23:36

The answer is obvious.

Most of the household names of the "elite" are all in on it. Many who did research over the decades (those who are called conspiracy nuts or kooks) uncovered what has taken place with sexual abuse.

Ritualistic abuse is normal for these people.

At this point, I am not surprised at any name that comes up tied to it.

More are involved than are not.

26.08.2019 00:09

Thank you for posting about this topic. It makes me absolutely ill that he escaped justice.

26.08.2019 01:22


26.08.2019 02:13

of course he wont answer while he was on the lolita express his employee got arrested at his house for hundreds of child pornography videos and epstein and gates fund the sterilization of mankind so they are very good buddies and i still dont believe that evil prick epstein is dead and gone
probably just opened up shop somewhere else for people like clinton gates and trump lol
years ago trump said i love epstein he likes young women just like i do lmao
that a farce this political establishment is
too bad people are so stupid they cant see in front of their noses
good article man and keep em coming

26.08.2019 02:17

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26.08.2019 15:45

Anyone actually claiming they were molested by Gates, or is a victim too much to ask? That used to be the first step, a victim would come forward, then the police would investigate, then it went to court.

Now you get tried and convicted in the court of the internet, where you can never clear your name. John Podesta cannot ever clear his name and was an innocent victim of a 4 chan hoax. You tinfoilers cry wolf so often its going make people tune out.

28.08.2019 06:37