Hello everyone.

My name is Kristyna and I have recently started my own service based business called Rebirth Therapy Services. This has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the so called ‘rebirthing technique’. The name Rebirth, came to me out of the blue one day and it has a very personal, special and significant meaning for me, it reflects what I have been through in this lifetime and what I have overcome to get to this particular point in my life. I have used the pain and trauma of my past to make me a leader, not a monster.

I provide a number of services which will most likely grow as time progresses. At this point in time, I offer Life Coaching, Teaching and Holistic Counselling for my clients. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and I have now started my own new YouTube channel as well, named “Kristyna – Educate & Empower Yourself” where I will be posting personal development videos to help, guide and teach individuals all around the world on how to heal, forgive, love, empower and educate themselves.

So far, I have a certain list of topics which I will be teaching people which include but are not limited to the following:

·         How to learn to love yourself

·         How to find your life purpose

·         Financial intelligence

·         Effective time management

·         How to start a new business

·         How to manage your life

I have been inspired to do this as, even though I am grateful I learnt how to read and write in school, I wish I could have learned all of these topics too as, if I had, my life may have been very different. I will be teaching everyone what we should have learned in school but didn’t. I will soon publish and release my first two E-Books and I am currently writing my third book. My first E-Book is titled “Lessons I Have Learned About Life” and the second E-Book is “Why You Should Quit Your Job and Find Your Purpose”. My third book is called “What We Should Have Learned In School But Didn’t”. I may post my e-books on here before I actually publish them anywhere else. Exclusive to Steemit.

I am also in the process of creating a webinar to help everyone learn how to find their life purpose.

So this is the first blog, an introduction, in a series of upcoming blogs which will hopefully help people, especially the ones who are feeling lost on their path, navigate back to themselves and find peace. I am here solely to educate and empower you and I truly hope you receive value from the content I am about to put out into the world. We change the world by changing ourselves.

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