BLOG 5 - Why educating yourself is so important and empowering.

I’m going to start this blog off by saying that I wish I had known this earlier. Years earlier. I may have been able to make better choices. Rather than wasting time in the conventional and traditional schooling/education system, I could have educated myself and been financial free & secure by now. If only. But I know there is absolutely no point dwelling in the could have’s, should have’s, would haves. The past is the past for a reason. I have learnt this particular lesson so I take that lesson into the present with me to apply to my future and I leave the rest behind. I just wanted to set the scene by writing those words for you and if I could, I would include relevant memes in this blog to really put my point across.

Firstly, lets face the harsh facts. The traditional education/schooling system is simply designed and there to mold us into good, obedient employees. A good working class who is educated enough to be able to read, write and count but not educated enough to be able to be classed as financially intelligent and self-sufficient like the wealthy. I could be wrong but I feel most of the well-known current millionaires who dropped out of school earlier than most people possibly knew something that the rest of us simply didn’t...they chose to educate themselves and now they are doing better than the ones who went on to not only finish high school but the ones who went on to obtain Diplomas and Degrees as well to get that high paying job. (And ended up with enormous student debt in the process).

So what is the lesson here you wonder?...

The answer is this; the lesson is to educate yourself. Simple as that. Read a ton of books like the wealthy do. Gain knowledge, information and wisdom. I am doing this myself as I write these words and I completely see and understand why this has made them into millionaires. They chose not to listen to those of their friends and family who would try to discourage them from what they were doing. They knew what they needed to do, they put everything else aside and they just went for it. They broke through their limiting beliefs and scarcity mentality which allowed them to have the confidence to start businesses and become bosses to individuals who haven’t yet been able to accomplish what the millionaires have.

On a personal note, after spending 13 years in office administration, being unfulfilled and unhappy in the superficial working environments, I quit my last job because my boss mistreated me. At the same time, I was breaking through my own limiting beliefs and changing my mindset, pushing through my ego-based fears of starting my own business which was a delve into unknown & unseen depths. I’m glad I was doing this inner work and personal development because I was educating myself at the same time, I went in and started my business knowing already my business was a large part of my life purpose. Mentors (including millionaires) did warn me it may take time for my business to start making money. Anywhere from 6 months to 2 years and that if I was committed, and willing to persevere with this, the earning potential of my business (just like any business), is absolutely limitless. Unlike a traditional job where you earn one set, fixed income amount per week, fortnight or month (and have close to half taken in tax. Working in an accounting office was shockingly eye opening for me), a business could make an infinite amount of money once everything was set up, marketing and advertising in place etc. (I will be dedicating a separate blog in future which will be purely based on showing you how to start a business). Things I have mentioned in this paragraph, I actually cover more of in my new E-Book “Why You Should Quit Your Job & Find Your Purpose”.

I remember a brilliant Instagram meme, it showed a photo of traffic congestion on a main highway and the tagline said “traditional education”. The second photo below the first was of a Lamborghini parked outside a beautiful mansion with the tagline, “financial education”. It was absolutely spot on and it is what I am trying to get across to you all writing this blog now.

Educate yourself. Never stop educating yourself. Particularly with financial education & intelligence. Learn about the difference between assets and liabilities, how to manage your money correctly, work to calculate your monthly expenses, keeping track of your spending and expenses, how to create multiple income streams and much more. This is the secret of the millionaires. They have financial education and intelligence. Yes, it is that simple. Most of them have 7 different income streams. Working a job is not one of them! I am doing this myself as I write these words.

John D Rockefeller (multi-billionaire) once said “Those who work all day have no time to make money”. Let that sink in. I hope the wheels are turning in your head as you read this. There is a reason those who work full time jobs are still broke week to week. Rise above this by educating yourself. Research everything. Question everything. Read, read, read.

The more informed and educated you become, the more confident, self-assured and empowered you become. You deserve this for yourself and your family. We create change in the world by changing ourselves first.

From my heart, I can tell you I have learnt far more, educating myself and reading books than I have actually learnt during my time in school. (Yes, I’m being serious). Educating myself has proven to be a lot more fulfilling, valuable and informational. I feel on top of the world in a way. I feel focused, content and empowered. I feel like I have enough knowledge about various topics to be able to educate and empower others now. This is my purpose. I am taking it upon myself to educate the masses with what we didn’t learn in school but should have which is why I am writing my third book which is dedicated to this.

Have you ever heard about sound and frequency being able to levitate solid objects like blocks? Do you know how to find your life purpose? How to love yourself? Did you know when the inside tips of our fingers get all crinkly after being in water for a while, it happens to resemble our brain and enable us to grip things underwater easier? Walking barefoot on the earth whether it is sand or dirt has healing properties for the human body? Do you know what happens when we activate & awaken our third eye/pineal gland? Law of Attraction and how to manifest what you want in life?

Into the light of knowledge, information and power.

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