What I LOVE About Tokyo Babyon & X/1999 (CLAMP)

While my usual reviews cover both the good and the bad about an anime or manga, since today's video is about two beloved manga from the legendary mangaka group CLAMP - WE GON LET THE APPRECIATION FLAG FLYYY! So in the third installment of 2020's Fujoshi February, i'll be sharing everything i LOVE about the CLAMP manga Tokyo Babylon and its spinoff sequel X/1999 including all the typical great things about CLAMP manga from the art, romance and EMOTIONS to the plentiful amount of bishounen and the UNENDING amount of ships!

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Hi krispnatz,

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22.02.2020 20:50

How fast you speak! It was difficult for me to understand some comments but for your joy and enthusiasm I give you 9/10. A big hellooooo @krispnatz

23.02.2020 03:29