Introduction to a new channel _________________ The most likely way to reach a ...

... goal is to be aiming not at that goal itself but at some more ambitious goal beyond it.


ᖲ៩ ᖰ០នƗƬƗ⩔៩ ♬⩎ᖱ ¢០⩎⩎៩¢Ƭ ♬⩎ᖱ ɭ៩Ƭន Ɨ⩎នᖰƗƦ៩ ០⩎៩ ♬⩎០ƬϦ៩Ʀ Ƭ០ នϦ០០Ƭ ០⨏⨏ ន០៣៩ ♬ᖰᖰƗ¢ន ⨏ƗƦ៩Ɯ០ƦƘន Ɨ⩎ 2020



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Love your video! Sounds very edgy, I like it!!

05.01.2020 07:49

👍heye thank you thank you have a good Sunday funday...

05.01.2020 20:09

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