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Hello Steemians!
Today I will show you how many useful things you can prepare from this wonder of nature that grows everywhere free.


In early spring and all summer, when I go for a walk, I tear off a lot of it


I wash it and separate the roots, flowers and leaves


From the colors I make tea that is useful in relieving liver disease, diabetes, urinary disorders, acne, jaundice, cancer and anemia


From the leaves I make a delicious salad that has the same beneficial properties.I also forgot to mention that tea is weakening and is useful for people who want to lose weight.It also detoxifies the body, further helping to prevent the development of tumors and various cancers.
High levels of dietary fiber make it beneficial for digestion and proper gut health and thus beneficial for constipation.


These are the roots I also make tea that boost the immune system and repel germs and fungi in the body


With leaves, you can make a variety of salads to your liking


I finally filmed how this fragile flower pierces the concrete and how strong our beautiful nature is, given to us for free.

Thank you for being with me and I hope I was helpful :)

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28.10.2019 19:48

Благодаря🙂трябва да ми обясниш какво значи тази бира🙂

01.11.2019 09:12

тук например си е идеално за #naturalproducts #naturalmedicine #lifestyle #diy

01.11.2019 08:31

Благодаря ти за таговете 🙂👍

01.11.2019 09:11

ти тук не влизаш ли?

mojesh da si power up-vash kakto steem za da ti se vdiga glasa za vsiako pleme/ token...
ti uchastvash v dosta ot tiah veche.... taka ili inache ;)

01.11.2019 09:32