The Working Policies And Principles Of SynchroBit.



SynchroBit is the foundational project of the SYNCHRONIUM ecosystem. It is a versatile digital assets trading platform executed by seasoned experts in digital assets trading. It supports other projects and modules to achieve the firm goals of the SYNCHRONIUM ecosystem. In this ecosystem, products and projects are developed to solve the most prevalent challenges. It works with other financial platforms for optimum performance. SynchroBit is primarily based on AI, blockchain innovations, an algorithm for a secure and reliable system.

SynchroBit is designed to suit users (both beginners and professional traders). The platform includes customizable user-interface, accurate charts, and real-time data analytics. It makes it easy to use for startups and entrepreneurs. It provides users with 24/7 customer service via phone, emails, live chats in a very user-friendly way. Users have access to different crypto addresses and wallets. It is a very versatile trading platform.

The project will be completed after five versions, as each version would have different goals and opportunities for users. Each of the versions supports different markets of stable coins, fiat, and top cryptocurrencies. These are aside from the highly liquid tokens and coins. It is a peer to peer digital assets trading platform that uses both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

It comes with a premium and distinct features that are added in bits, version by version. To fully access the features of SynchroBit, users need to follow all KYC/AML requirements. Fiat wallets are some of the features provided to users after passing the KYC/AML requirements. All the features developed revolves around the following objectives

*Inclusion of customer's feedback,

*Improvement of the system's integrity and security,

*Customization of the system's module to the user's needs

*Provision of infrastructures and funds for to its development.

For sustainability, most of the funds go into harnessing customer experience, improving service management. During ICO, the profit is allocated to increase liquidity and developing new features.

In most systems, security is considered a project, but in SynchroBit, it like a process. Its security measures are progressive as improvements are added with every new version. Beyond a good cyber-infrastructure and technology, SynchroBit puts users at the center of security provision. The platform trains users to safeguard their accounts from hacking and cyber-attacks. This training exposes users to relevant tools and techniques to secure their assets and funds. The platform also provides security with unique procedures, reliable innovations, and decentralized methodologies. The system stores cryptocurrency assets in hardware cold wallets, so users do not need to keep their assets on SynchroBit.

PoSynch (Proof of Synchronization) is an asymmetric consensus that allows transactions on other public blockchain networks. It is a measure in SynchroBit, and its asymmetric design makes it resistant to hacking and tracing. Additional security features implemented include confirmation of crypto and bank withdrawal through two-factor authentication and emails. Deposits and withdrawals come with email notification to curb unauthorized access.

SynchroBit's security is presently by EV SLL, which makes all transactions hashed and secured. The EV (Extended Validation) makes its exchange more transparent and liable to customer's security.

The platform allows users to maximize their opportunities and assets with unlimited crypto addresses. Users can generate as many addresses as possible, which are fully integrated with their crypto wallets. The older address doesn't change as a user creates new addresses.


SynchroBit is a trading platform that ensures risk minimization and ROI maximization for users. It exposes users to opportunities in several markets like commodity, crypto, metals, energy, and project trading. It aims to positively change the trading and investment environment all around the world. It functions with other projects and systems in SYNCHRONIUM to achieve its goals.


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