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Week 4 Curation Report | Finance, Business and Crypto Curation Team| @steemcurator05

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Hello all steemians,

March 13, 2022 was the deadline for the fourth week of upvoting on articles related to business, finance and cryptocurrencies by @steemcurator05, such as d Usually, we note a stability of the total number of posts, which amounted to 118 posts divided on the three domains, many other posts have also been ignored because many users have not yet understood what we are upvoting for and as usual we will develop this in the recommendations and notes for each curator.

The fourth week of curation also has the beginning of work of two new elements, all of which indicate their discipline and professionalism in the work they do, so we thank them and urge them to continue working at the same pace. And we jump right into the important stats and notes for this week.


Number of curated, plagiarized and skipped articles per day:

Checked Post w4.PNG

Number of posts per Club Status

per club w4.PNG

Number of posts per Language

per language w4.PNG


The observations of our curators after 4 weeks of work within our curation team:

@shemul21 1st-day

It's really great to get more good-quality posts than before. Though it takes a long time to select posts, I'm happy with it. I also got several irrelevant posts with our tags that I skipped. There are also some authors who are making quality content but are not participating in any clubs. I've skipped their post but suggested they increase their SP to be eligible for at least #club5050. However, we're looking for #steemexclusive articles to support, so keep posting quality content with our tags. Thanks.

@nane15 2nd-day

I had no problem finding content to curate, quite a few users uploading posts, however I had to skip a lot as many users are focusing on creating too much short content and posting too many useless posts.

It's still hard to find truly complete posts or ones that reach any sort of full explanation.

Some users are uploading diaries using the #fbcrypto tag, which have nothing to do with finance, business or cryptocurrencies.

The #crypto tag is full of poor posts or users using vote buying services, I checked very closely and didn't get any real quality content. Useful content under this tag often uses the #fbcrypto tag as well.

Therefore, the focus was on giving votes to users participating in contests and publications with explanations at least above average.

@pelon53 3rd-day

This time I found quality publications more easily. However, many users do not participate in club5050, club75 or club100. I told several users that to receive a upvote they must participate at least in the club5050.

@chiabertrand 4th-day

I discovered that they are a lot of new accounts below 35 reputation which were creating contents related to #fbcrypto. However, i had to skip them because the accounts might be created just to be receiving up-votes. But we hope that the new users continue building up their accounts by doing constant power up so as to have a chance to start receiving up-votes from the curators

I discovered that most users submit their work under the #tag #fbcrypto but the contents are irrelevant to the fields we are interested in

I discovered that few users re-publish their old contents, although this is not a literary copy, but it can't be voted because it will discourage and condemned modern and renewable works

I also noticed a lot of Steemians, including high reputable ones were publishing high quality contents without using #steemexclusive tag. So I couldn't vote them because we encourage only #steemexclusive related article. But I had to live them with messages by encouraging them to be posting only steemexclusive content

@irawandedy 5th-day

Despite finding many articles that are not related to our tag, based on the verification results I found some good articles related to 3 Topics that deserve to be curated by SC05 (Crypto, Finance and Business). I hope users stop using the recommended tag if it is not relevant to the content of the post that is written, Try to write as interesting as possible so that it has a greater chance of Upvote.

@fredquantum 6th-day

Since the beginning of the journey of our curation team, I've always been an advocate of giving rewards to deserving fellows and not based on cliques. I found a few articles that were skipped today, I know some people might complain about that, the reason for skipping them is that they don't meet the standard we are looking for, most articles are short and it looks like it was written under a few minutes to get some upvotes while some have been shared on other platforms before, I will encourage users to spend more time to create quality content. In addition, a few articles didn't fit under our tag and I have dropped suitable comments in such situations.

@kouba01 7th-day

This week, we didn't have many good articles on finance, business and cryptocurrency featuring our #fbcrypto tag. However, many articles not related to what we vote on were ignored, so a request was made to remove our tags and only use them again on our own topics.

Articles with your purchases and all-day activity fall into the lifestyle category, and posts with NFT designs can be categorized as art so just adding #art tag would be better.


The 7 best articles selected

The article : Link
The author:@anasuleidy
Club status: #club5050
Chosen by: @Shemul21


This is a contest organized by the author focused on the women who are influenced by cryptocurrencies, especially housewives. On this International Women's Day, I've selected this post as the top. I hope this contest will encourage homemakers to be self-dependent and to contribute economically to their home with steemit.

The article : Link
The author:@josevas217
Club status: #club75
Chosen by:@nane15


Although the publication is short, I think it deserves support, the idea is original and I think it will inspire many users, we are in the month of women and it will surely be good to give extra support to this type of publication.It is not a long publication but it is quite interesting, it seems to me that it deserves the support, surely some users will join in creating this type of content if they see that it is awarded.

The article : Link
The author:@habercitr
Club status: #club75
Chosen by:@pelon53


He did a step-by-step explanation of the Step Hero multiverse platform, which hosts Nft games together. And it has a multiverse mechanism. This multiverse gaming platform offers lucrative opportunities with NFT gamers to experience different games and their Play and Win model.

The article : Link
The author:@benton3
Club status: #club5050
Chosen by:@kouba01


In his article, he discussed on how investment in stock which belongs to the stock market sector had changed his financial life because he was experiencing success and high profits in it. He further explain that he made a lot of money through trading in stock which was by far more than his salary and he also explained how the money he made in stock help him out during his wedding ceremony. He also explained how he is still experiencing profits in stock and how he is aiming to become a big investor in STEEM so that he could one day be independent. This is the reason why this article is worth taking the top spot for the day.

The article : Link
The author:@pecintabunga20
Club status: #club75
Chosen by:@irawandedy


Determination as the best post refers to posts that match the business hashtag, the contents explain in detail about the products being sold, include a clear address, delivery techniques if the online delivery system is in place and convert the price of goods from Local Currency into Steem/SBD.

The article : Link
The author:@riska-amanda
Club status: #club5050
Chosen by:@fredquantum


Out of the articles that I curated today, I have selected this one based on the content's originality and genuineness of the business. The user has shared some of her new confectioneries keeping up to date in her field of operation and I can say she's doing well in the business. I will encourage this user to keep doing the best in her business and stay focused.

The article : Link
The author:@abialfatih
Club status: #club100
Chosen by:@kouba01


The article touched on the legality of exchanging money returns that require small denominations of cash with other commodities due to their scarcity. The writer also inferred the source of Islamic law(Chariaa), which does not prohibit these practices, provided that the element of mutual pleasure in buying and selling is satisfied, that is, the consent of the accepting party with the given commodity. Yes, it can be one of the solutions to bypassing some of the problems could be selling the seller and the buyer. I really enjoyed reading it.

Best Regards,
Our Curation Team

@kouba01 - #club100
@Shemul21 - #club100
@pelon53 - #club100
@fredquantum - #club75
@nane15 - #club75
@irawandedy - #club100
@chiabertrand- #club75




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