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I find it very pretty and fun, it's been over a year that I bought this ladybug to my son, it still works very well.

It offers 2 game modes: discovery mode and music mode. In discovery mode it asks where is a certain form or element of nature (ex: Where is the sun?). If baby then presses on the sun she will answer "Super, you have found the sun!" In music mode it offers 12 melodies, we can change them by pressing the button, they accelerate even when we roll the ladybug. In both modes, there are also 2 songs.
There are lights that flash to the rhythms of melodies or songs.
There are 6 shapes that can be nested on the ladybug and then ejected at once by pressing the baby ladybug. By cons forms do not take much, just touch them to fall, but it does not bother us. With its baby shapes can learn the numbers, know the different shapes ...
The baby ladybug turns on itself when the ladybug is rolled.
The volume is not adjustable, but I do not find it too strong. It does not bother me especially that the melodies are not heady for me. The ladybug will turn off after a few seconds if baby does not play with it. There is a button to turn it off, personally I turn it off every night when I put my son to bed.
It is solid! My son takes it sometimes to throw it on the floor and it still works very well.
You can put the cord in the battery compartment, so it does not bother. By cons I think it's a pity she is not a little longer.


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