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Week 1 Curation Report | Finance, Business and Crypto Curation Team| @steemcurator05


Hi steemians,

The entire Finance, Business and Crypto curation team sends you its greetings and wishes you a good start to the week, hoping that it will be rich in quality articles with effective, useful and relevant information.

By the way, last week which took place from February 14 to February 20 23:59UTC, all our curators (@fredquantum, @kouba01, @Shemul21 , @nane15 , and @pelon53 ) tried to verify all articles published on the steemit platform that are tagged #fbcrypto, #business, #finance and/or crypto. By leaving each time a comment indicating our passage.

In fact, the number of articles is not very high, most users probably do not know how to participate yet or they have introduced our tags incorrectly and that is why we have always insisted in each message to users to that they always use the main tag #fbcrypto to make it easier for us to access their articles written in the areas that concern us and benefit from our upvotes.

Although we have found some good articles, we will choose after 7 of them, but first of all we will give some statistics regarding this working week, wishing everyone a good read.


Number of curated, plagiarized and skipped articles per day:

checked post.PNG

Number of posts per Club Status

per status.PNG

Number of posts per Language

per language.PNG


The observations of our curators after a week of work within our curation team:


There is a new community named TronFanClub. Their main topic is Tron/crypto. I suggested they use the hashtags ( #crypto #finance #business) in their posts. And they are creating quality posts every day.

We may contact more community admins or moderators. Just my opinion.


In general, I was seeing several post of people who start businesses, businesses in general, and some tutorial posts about cryptocurrencies.

It cost me a lot to find quality content to give the votes, I think we should all unite and upload at least one post a week talking about the team, or talking about cryptos. (In various communities)

The communities of varied topics, as in my country Steem Venezuela do not give it so much importance, it is difficult to see one that includes a topic of finance or cryptocurrencies, I think we should leave posts in this type of communities so that they encourage users to create posts about of finance, business and cryptocurrencies.


Few publications to choose from, I think we should advertise. If you allow me, I can inform 1 or 2 communities, to see if some users are encouraged and participate.

In this way we give a greater use to the Steemcurator05 account.


My experience during the period of curation shows that the business tag is possibly the most working tag amongst our tags as users are actively uploading businesses content. The crypto tag is filled with spam content, I think more suitable users should be reached to endeavor to create crypto-related articles. In addition, many great articles were skipped due to noncompliance with any of the club statuses.


We enjoyed a collection of articles ranging from daily life to business with a few cryptocurrency related articles. Several articles using our tags were also crossed because the content did not correspond to the areas that interested us or they did not respect the conditions of participation in club5050.


The 7 best articles selected

The article : Link
The author:@parves23
Club status:#club75
Chosen by:


Today this post is the most valuable post I've seen so far about Blockchain and NFT. This post tells the positive sides and future of Cryptocurrency based video games(NFT). How blockchain technology is changing the world gaming community is also mentioned pretty well.

The article : Link
The author:@papi.mati
Club status:#club75
Chosen by:@nane15


Very good publication, the user left a very good tutorial about how to buy STEEM in binance and how to fund our steemit wallet with these STEEM. In addition, it is a good amount of Steem that the user bought, which shows his great support for the platform.

The article : Link
The author:@habercitr
Club status:#club75
Chosen by:@pelon53


This is the chosen post for today because it follows the rules and explains exceedily well the game "metagear" (NFT game) that consist of desiging some machines that will fight others, and to be more likely to win, you must have more parts to provide your machine with unique features.

The article : Link
The author:@humaidi
Club status:#club75
Chosen by:@fredquantum


The selected post was found under the business category. The user who created this content is @humaidi, he is a very active user from the Business Activity community that has been promoting his business on Steem. This publication has been used to promote very attractive maroon color shop door types from their workshop and the beauty of it is that Steem and Steem Dollar are accepted as means of payment which means such action promotes Steem in one way or the other. This article is worth taking the top spot for the day.


The article : Link
The author:@cindycam
Club status:#club5050
Chosen by:@kouba01


I chose this article with conviction because it respects all the elements of good content in form and content. We note a clear methodology in writing, which made the subject touched on smooth in reading and useful in terms of the information provided. So I invite all users to visit it and take advantage of the tips provided to present your business on ٍSteemit platform and make profits.

Best Regards,
Our Curation Team
@kouba01 - #club100
@Shemul21 - #club100
@pelon53 - #club100
@fredquantum - #club75
@nane15 - #club75




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