Ole Needs to Prepare His Bag and Things

Manchester United has been a disaster, just more than David Moyes, Louis Van Gaal, and Jose Mourinho. Imagine how he turned a club into a complete mess. His biggest achievement in the club was defeating Paris Sant-Germain in the knockout stage. After that, he turned the hopes of United completely down.

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Sorry I forgot, he made a very strong impression in their opening day against Chelsea 4-nil. But after that, United was a disaster. Eight points in six games is pretty much disappointing for an A club. Plus, their defeats are made from low-tier clubs. Talk about Crystal Palace whom they snatched their defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka and West Ham United which they lost 0-2 at home.

Sorry Ole, but you need to pack your things and be ready for the worst. I'm pretty sure the management is doing something to get rid of Ole. I don't think so they'll get Mourinho back. There were no signs of potential coaches that the club mentioned but I think it needs to be in the Spanish League.

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I just think of that. The way he sold Lukaku and Sanchez who has caliber of experience and rely all in young guns is something really shaky. I really can't trust Rashford, Martial, and Lingard that much in the attack. They're not consistent to be relied. Bye in advance, Ole.

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Hey , that bottom banner is great , did you do it or could get me in touch with who did as I'd be interested in something a bit similar being made

25.09.2019 02:21

That was made by @baa.steemit. That man was superb. Like we communicated before and asked for his amazing GIF. Luckily he gave one for me :). I made a chip tip for that special GIF tho coz it's really amazing.

25.09.2019 02:42

I wouldn't put all the responsability on Solskjaer. The management just didn't give him the players you need to compete with City, Liverpool, etc... And selling Lukaku, well, that's just at least 15 league goals you just let go...

25.09.2019 06:42

I also think that he was responsible in signing key defenders which were very expensive in the last transfers. Wan-Bissaka and Maguire were both expensive, which could've been spent for some experienced midfielders/strikers.

25.09.2019 09:42

Actually the signings of Wan Bissaka, James and Maguire working out so far is what is saving his job in part. If he develops Greenwood, Chong, Gomes, etc. properly then he gets to stay but that judgement needs time to be made. Like @pele23 said, this can't be entirely Solskjaer's fault that 6 years of bad signings and patchwork fell on top of him. He does in fact need the time to get it right. So far he is actually 3 for 3 and if he develops the young players and makes more signings of the right type, it could work out.

25.09.2019 18:24