The case of SJW´s against abortions


In a fascinating turn of events, some German SJW´s are now protesting pregnant women doing blood test to find out if their child will have down syndrome.

The first reason stated by these activists is that women might "feel pressured" into giving birth to a healthy baby. I don´t even know what to say, honestly. Don´t people want healthy babies, generally speaking?

Secondly, they are denouncing the practice, as they fear that disabled people are "being sorted out of society." Their reasoning is that parents choose to abort babies with down syndrome as it is perfectly legal to do so in the first trimester.

Personally, I don´t see how anyone is "getting sorted out" and strongly believe that parents should have all the tools necessary to make an informed decision. This does not affect disabled people who are already greatly integrated into our society.

Trying to ignore my strong pro choice bias, I feel like there´s a more nefarious reason behind their outrage. And yes, I am a big fan of not assuming some other motive than the one stated by my opposition, and most people probably well intentioned and believe exactly as they state.


it does feel like a cold, calculated move. Most of the trouble came from the "German Society Of Disabled People", an organisation that is reliant on donations. If they are right (what is quite likely in this scenario) that this test would lead to more abortions, then they would have less paying members, "customers" so to speak.

Also, on a separate note funding these test might (and that´s a big if, since I am no doctor or scientist) help find a treatment if these disabilities are found early and can be studied, so even if you are more on the pro-life side of the spectrum, these test could drastically improve quality of said life if it can be studied.

But that´s just my two cents on the situation.

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