Steemian vs. "The Bear" - Page #004 pencils!

Alright. So here we are. I glanced at this afternoon while mulling over Steemit and our community with @lovejoy. We both took a heavy sigh as we digested $0.16 STEEM. It’s a tough pill to swallow. The creative solutions we threw around were really encouraging. That’s one of my absolute favorite things about @lovejoy. No point in adding the gloss right now; these are dark days for Steemit, but when he and I put our heads together, we inevitably hit a point where our enthusiasm manifests that early Steemit excitement from 2016 and 2017.

As we talked, I sketched on my iPad Pro. What has become a therapeutic outlet for me regarding the inescapable pessimism is to draw more of the endless battle I’ve named “Steemian vs. ‘The Bear’”. If you aren’t familiar, this is an on going comic pitting a representation of our beloved Steemit […in hero form], against a representation of the bear market. That’s it. No story. Just a fight that will not end, and the pace is dictated by the actual crypto-market. That eliminates me from having to “write” an outcome […although I do get to make a few clever jabs occasionally].

Sorry to tell you, but $0.16 STEEM means we’re still getting our asses kicked by “The Bear”. I once read an interview with Robert Kirkman and he said “…the most beloved characters must suffer the most horrific deaths.”. I don’t take pleasure in this abuse to our home team, but it’ll make our triumph so much more satisfying, when that day comes […and it will come]. I can’t wait to draw the first page of the Steemian blocking attacks Neo-style, but sadly, that won’t be today. Thank you for following this little digital ashcan. Follow me here for more Steemian vs. “The Bear” comics.

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17.08.2019 02:28


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17.08.2019 02:28

Ahaha! The Voice! Fitting that it’s nothing more than a vaporous apparition at the moment too... 😆

17.08.2019 02:48

Soooooo looking forward to that first page you're waiting to draw 😁😁😁

PS. iPad is so way beyond nowadays..

17.08.2019 02:56

Hello Lars, how are you doing? It is very sad to see a coin market where steem prices have declined sharply. But I hope you do not despair with this situation. Blockchain world is like gambling. Prices can go up and down at any time. I want to read your comic, Lars. but is the comic "stemian pencil vs. The bear" circulating on the internet? I wish you success, Lars. Have a nice day.

17.08.2019 03:41

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

17.08.2019 03:51

Remember to use the creativecoin tag. :3

17.08.2019 09:39

Those who rely on Steem are sad, those who are buying are happy. loading the first bullet at the bear... "Come at me, bro."

Btw, why hasn't anyone told you to use the 'creativecoin' tag??? The best tribe on Steem (my favorite at least). Motherfucking lazy Steemians – have to tell everybody about it myself, running around like a missionary, except I hate missionaries. No but, just check it out:

17.08.2019 09:54

Cool artwork. It's great to have a release for plummeting Steem prices.

17.08.2019 10:37

Hey there! Haven't heard from me for a while, well you guessed it, the bear has me scared away. It's just gotten to the point of it being depressing, hence my activity and attention here has dropped along with the market. I'm sure I'm not alone. However I'm still posting my travel stuff cause the content is already created and I enjoy making it. Anyway, I hope you are doing well.

From Quito Ecuador - Dan

19.08.2019 22:31