L7 Trade Project Review - Unique Multi-Currency Inter-P2P Exchange! Trading without loss Only profit!

Earnings on the sale of cryprrencies, on the the first multi-currency interbourse trading porm.

Sell moreore expensive aned!

Minimum brr>

Minimum idding can start at $ 2 by replenishr),
which ar0 XLM (Stellar),r),

which arust equivate!

If you wt rate!

If you w to trade without restre,
it is ne, whole bitcoin or more,
it is nery to go>

I wicode>


I will sn the example of the XLM manta! go to the Bidding-Cycle tab, select XLM,  enter the amount of the selected currency, click apply. In the second window, on the left, select the largest value, on the right, respectively, the smallest. Click to proceed to order processing. Below I will sign w 

p>  get confused. 

  1. Cryptency list list 

 2. Thisange (red) for sale. Top bid: 0.1087

  3. This exchange (blue) for purchase. Lowest ask: 0.1005 

 4. Specify the amount that will be used for the exchange

  5. Cli> <



what is to the window where the only thinging

what is ortant for us is the RESULTon.

The wholrm the exchange operation.

 do 4-5 tts from 2 to 4 hours. Per day you cyou can

From my , if you are a cyborg and do not sleep.

From mys,
 br I completely recaptured my 1000 XLM deposit in 17 days,7 days,


At firstng the money that I earned on such an exchange.it.
even if br> At firsty seem difficult, but I’m sus.

p> &r> eit.

even if never dealt with cryptocurrencies.



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