Busting some "Switch Varial Heelflips" for "Game of Steemskate" Week 20

What's up everyone?

In today's vlog I cleared the "Game of Steemskate" Week 20 challenge which is to land a "Switch Varial Heel". I've been doing this trick for years now so it was an easy one for me and that's why I pushed myself even firther and tried to film a bonus challenge.
Everything went according to the plan and here I am sharing my entry with you today.
Enjoy it

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07.02.2020 17:49

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07.02.2020 17:51

The king of Switch varial heelflip bro insane, i dont have this trick ,i try this week for saved me hahahaha

07.02.2020 20:30

Go get it G. 💪💪💪

08.02.2020 08:09