How Has Steem Impacted My Life - My Skateboarding Journey

This is a video montage with different shots from different vlogs throughout these 2 years I've been active here. I suggest you read my blog first and watch my video after. Thank you

How Has Steem Impacted My Life - My Skateboarding Journey

So I am gonna be sharing how has Steem impacted my life? Haha. I could write pages and pages explaining you how but since I just saw the contest post (so slow, hehe) from @theycallmedan and the contest ends in some hours I need to keep it short and entertaining.

A couple of things about me

I thinks it's better to get to know me a little better before I explain you how Steem impacted my life. My name is Haris and I am a 27 years old skateboarder from Ioannina city, GR. I am sponsored by two companies ("Propaganda Rollin Co." and "Underground SkateshopSKG")and I have been skating by 15 years. I joined Steem almost 2 years ago on January 29 2018.

Who can forget the huge bull run in January 2018? I can't and the reason I am mentioning this to you is cause this bull run is the reason I discovered Steem. As I was looking at various project to invest in Coinmarketcap I saw a project I've never seen before and this was Steem. I did my research and I decided to sign up.
After a couple of weeks of waiting the notorious email had arrives. My account was activated and that's pretty much how my Steem journey started.

My first steps

The main idea was to post skateboarding content and connect with skaters while earning crypto. And that's exactly what happened. Once I posted my first skate post the comments were on fire. There were already a bunch of skaters (@web-gnar , @nicolcron , @stickchumpion ) who were uploading skateboarding content and they all made me feel like home. Thanks guys <3.
Since then I have been posting skateboarding content daily and I don't plan on stopping soon.
(One of my first Skate Posts)

- was always involved with social media due to my sponsorships (promoting new decks, shirts etc) but since I started posting on Steem I am using my other social media accounts less and less. And why shouldn't I? I always had problems uploading skate content on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube due to their policies (Copyright strikes etc.) but since I started posting my videos here I never again had to face this problem.
You see, in Steem you actually own your content and only you can delete it. YES, you own your content and you actually get paid for it. Not like other social media platforms I mentioned above. They make a ton of money from our hard work.

( - Source )

The journey

After posting skateboarding content for more than a year an idea was slowly but steadily growing in my mind. To start building the most awesome skateboarding community on the web. Since I as a skateboarder loved the fact that I was making money out of my skate videos and connecting with people I thought that most skaters on this planet would love it too. The seed was planted.


After months of thinking I woke up one day and I knew exactly what I had to do. I created the @steemskate account and after delegating my SP to my dream project I started upvoting and resteeming every skate content posted on Steem. I won't get into details about the @steemskate project cause this is @knowhow92 's post, not @steemskate's .Hehe.

Being in charge of an active community takes time and requires effort. I was working at a gambling store back then and my daily routine was work, skate (filming tricks for my daily skate vlog) and then editing once I arrived home. These things take time and I was feeling very pressured. I wasn't going to stop chasing my dream so on March 2019 I decided to quit my daily job and start being a full-time Steemian. This was the best choice in my life till now. I finally had time to do all my Steem business plus I could spend way more time with my girlfriend @illusivelf.


What about now?

I am still doing exactly the same thing guys. Skating, editing and uploading. It is my daily routine now and I am not ashamed to say that I am addicted to Steem. I just love it. Besides skateboarding I also love curating content, playing @Steemmonsters (best game ever) and engaging with all sorts of people! The best part of Steem is that you earn with everything you do. My @steemmonsters account has already a balance of 50 USD just by playing! I have earned way more than 30 USD just by upvoting posts and I have met really great people just by commenting on various posts.
The thing I love most about this platform is that people are themselves. People feel free. If I could go back in time I would make the same choices without hesitation. I would quit my job again and again and if I could I would spend even more time here than I am spending now! I have only one wish or request if you prefer. Promote Steem. Promote Steem as a unique social media platform where you actually own your content, earn from it and meet all sorts of people from all over the world. Promote Steem as a community, not as a crypto.

United We Stand.

Thanks for you time

I hope you enjoyed what you read guys. Sorry for my typos and grammar mistakes. English is not my native language so...Thank you all for your support during these 2 awesome years I've been active here. I couldn't have done it without you.Much love to everyone my friends and stay safe!@Knowhow92

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