Steemskate recap of this week 💪 ✌ 🔥

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I often edit short videos and upload them on Insta in order to invite people to check out my Steemit blog for more skateboarding content.
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This video is a #state recap from this week. Me and the crew visited vated various spotsilmed many clips. Enjoy this short montage and check out my Steemit or Dtube channel for more skateboarding.rding.!/v/knowhow92/hy0acj3loft

Thank yofor watching and supporting me guys and if you want to see more skateboarding check out @steemskate, our skate community on Steem. Much love and #SKATEFORLIFE

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18.01.2020 10:37

Thanks buddy 🙏🙏🙏

18.01.2020 10:52