HUGE STEEMSKATE NEWS!! The Steemskate Skateboarding community is live. JOIN US

Hello everyone

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Communities feature is beginning to roll out on both @Steempeak and Steemit so I want to invite every skater and skater-lover on Steem to join our #skateboarding community called @Steemskate.

The pros of having an official @Steemskate community are numerous. I will be explaining everything in a detailed post from the official @steemskate account the next few days so stay tuned.
For now I am just gonna show you step by step how to join our skateboarding community.

How to join

Head over to You will see that a new feature has been added bellow the Steemit logo at the top left corner of your screen which is "Communities"

Good job Steemit Team

Now since the communities have just begin to roll out on, I'll make your life easier and I am gonna leave the @steemskate's community link bellow so you won't have to search for it :

Instagram :

Youtube (Brave Browser creator) :

Greek Youtube channel (Brave Browser creator) :

Twitter :

Palnet : :

Steemace :

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