How my gunshot wound looks a month later

Hello guys.


Do not continue reading if you have blood phobia (hemophobia)

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The title is just a click-bait of course but my wound definitely looks like a gunshot lol. I didn't get shot. I just got hurt while skateboarding.
A month ago I travelled to Fillipiada city to skate some new spots. While I was warming up something went wrong and I crushed into an iron surface with all my weight. The fun fact is that the bail is caught on camera. Here is the video if you haven't yet watched it

Here is how my wound looks like today


Sweet right? I have been cleaning this hole on my body daily with physiological saline and Betadine plus I couldn't skate for more than 2 weeks.

Now that I am almost completely healed I can finally skate without protecting my wound. I have been bailing like an idiot for the past 2 weeks cause I didn't want to fall on my wound.

It's time for some real skate action now


How about you guys? Do you have any photos from one of your worst injuries?
Write a post for the Steemskate community explaining what happened and tag me in it! I'll send 3 Steem to my favourite one.

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I was gonna say what the hell did you do as a skater to get shot lol

My worst injury, mo photos unfortunately (or fortunately) was a killer ankle roll. I was doing a board slide shove it out and my right foot missed, landed under the front truck and rolled, then the board pushed forward and rolled it further. I couldn’t skate for like 6 months it was brutal! I couldn’t even ride my board for 3 months because the vibration hurt so bad. Doctor said I would’ve been better off breaking it lol now my ankle clicks when I walk so walking quietly is something that doesn’t happen for the most part lol

17.03.2020 12:13

God damn man!Sounds painful. Every skaters problem. The ankles.
Take a look at this post. Same thing happened to me bro, I can completely relate to your injury. Couldn't skate for 9 months.

How about writing a post for your injury? Do you have any photos and spare time?

17.03.2020 12:57

Brother looks much better, it is good that you are healed from that injury, now I have to stay home and take care of myself.

17.03.2020 15:01

Has the virus arrived in Venezuela bro? If yes then stay home and start reading about the new blockchain that's coming. It's name is "Hive". It will be Steem with a different name and Steemskate will be in Hive chain from now on.
Here is the official post :

17.03.2020 15:25

Man that was hard to see both your bail and you not skating hope you injury fully heal soon bro

17.03.2020 21:18

It's almost healed man. No pain at all! Serious skating from now on!

17.03.2020 21:35

It's almost healed man.
No pain at all! Serious
Skating from now on!

                 - knowhow92

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

17.03.2020 21:36

Let's gooo🔥

17.03.2020 23:11