"Atlantis" - A Short Skateboarding Film

Hello everyone.

I present you "Atlantis", a short 3-minutes #skateboarding film.
This film is all about me getting over my fears skating a certain objective at the skate park after a hard slam in which I hit my head hard about 6 months ago.

The title is inspired by the song I used for this film which is "Atlantis" by Donovan. Even though this is not the original version I really love how this version captures the magic of this song.
Enjoy it my friends.

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends and if you want to see more skateboarding check out our awesome community on Steem called "Steemskate" in which you actually own your content and getting paid for it.
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Comments 9

Sick Edit my G, clean tricks, my favorite skater Bro!

15.01.2020 17:11

<3 Thanks bro! <3

15.01.2020 17:18

Killer spot b! I’d hit that 3 stair ledge all day. Sick edit!

15.01.2020 18:06

Thanks bro. How areyou doing? Long time no see 🍻🍻🍻

15.01.2020 18:09

I’m good man! Haven’t really felt like coming around much lately since I got nearly half of my steem stolen by computer malware (browser hijacker). Seems like the problem is fixed now however, I think I’ll upload something to D.Tube today

15.01.2020 18:12

Did you get your Steem back bro? Damn that's really sad. Are you ok in real-life though?

15.01.2020 18:20

Nah, just got blasted out of my account through blocktrades into the nether. Fuckers. Took me awhile to want to come back but I'm feeling like getting back into Steem again. I have some new projects to post about. I'm good man, just working, music, and a lil bit of code! And you?

15.01.2020 18:44

Oh fuck that shit bro.
I'm good too, 100% skating and trying to spread the #steemskate love (inviting people etc.)
With the new changes, Steem is better than ever man. Many whales started upvoting and bots are almost gone!

15.01.2020 18:50