Fakie Heelflips and Feeble Grinds for #40PoundTricks Contest

What's up beautiful people?

Round 3 of #40poundtricks contest organized by @stickchumpion is already running and I rushed to upload my entry this time.
The tricks we have to do this month is the Feeble Grind and the Fakie Heelflip. I am really good at feeble grinds but I kinda suck in Fakie Heelflips.
Well to tell you the truth, I suck in Fakie stance skating. Haha.

I decided to film a big line full of feeble grinds and then I wanted to do something more than just a plain fakie heelflip so I used my imagination and after some tries I rolled away with a fakie heelflip line too!
Enjoy my entry yo

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Comments 5


19.01.2020 18:10

Thanks man

19.01.2020 18:33

Nice bs feeble very clean G and Big fakie heelflip

20.01.2020 15:03

Thanks bro!Love feebles. I know you can do some awesome feebles and fakie Heels too ;)

21.01.2020 07:49