The device of beds with succulents.


Hi Steemit! I really like to grow succulents. Most often you can see large plants, but before that the plant goes a long way. I will show you some of our succulent everyday life.


First, I collect the leaves in a transparent plastic box. It is recommended to take healthy strong leaves, not from the bottom row of the outlet. Some types of succulents are easily propagated by leaves, and some are difficult to achieve. You can experiment with methods of rooting leafy cuttings. I just spread the leaves on the ground, but also rooting above the water.


When small succulents begin to grow, the entire surface of the soil is filled with fresh rosettes. :) When the plants begin to interfere with each other, some of them can be planted off, or cuttings, if size allows.


These are the two boxes I got this week. In one transplanted children in another cuttings that are just waiting for the development of new roots. At the place of the cut, new growth points will form, which means that in the kindergarten, the planting will become even denser .;)


Succulents that have already reached a decent size, at least 3 cm, can be sent in separate cups. In the cups, they grow up a little more and you can already look for them new homes!;)


Here are a few points from my succulent life, I hope it was interesting to you.

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They are so tiny and delicate. There's so much to know about raising them. But they are beautiful!

13.02.2020 16:54