Succulents leaf propagation


Hi Steemit! :) Today I want to tell you about the propagation of succulents by leaves. I will show all the stages using the example of the echeveria of Lilacina. Do not look at strange spots on the leaves, the protective layer was damaged as a result of processing from pests. You can see that the new leaves grow without damage and soon the echeveria will be completely renewed and look great !;) There is a protective layer on the leaves of many succulents, try not to damage it, it protects the leaves from the aggressive effects of ultraviolet .;)


So, my echeveria is slightly dried, you can see it by the wrinkles on the bottom leaf. They say that in this state, it is easier to separate the leaves. Slightly dehydrated leaves are more elastic. Separate the sheet carefully, do not pull, but wiggle from side to side. It is important that the whole sheet is separated and the growth point is not affected, otherwise nothing will work!


I put the separated leaves in a transparent plastic container to the rest of the previously collected leaves. There they are stored until the roots, children or roots and children. :)

Do not store leaves in direct sunlight, leave them in a dry, bright place.


I shift the leaves with the roots into another container, on the ground. I moisten the soil around the leaves a little to stimulate the development of the roots. The leaf can take root, but not give the baby, maybe it will take more time, or maybe this will not happen. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, it just happened. Not all types of succulents willingly breed leaf. You can experiment with rooting over water. :)

Do not separate the mother leaf from a small plant until it completely gives up all the nutrients and dries! Separate the dry sheet carefully.


Congratulations to your little plant completely on its own. You can plant it in your own pot. Thus, you created copies of the mother plant. I like this process, though it's not fast, but very interesting .;)

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