Submissions from Bad Positions | Jiu-Jitsu Anti-Fundamentals


Just calm down...”Anti-Fundamentals” is just a way of saying these violate a lot of fundamental principles we are taught as rules about positions and submissions. These are definitely not go-to subs and they are inherently dangerous, but they are also very sneaky and unexpected. These also make some great Hail Marys for when you’re losing or have lost position and you are desperate. Hope you like them!

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• Kimura from Guard Pass
• Baseball Bat Choke from Guard Pass
• Leg Americana from Bottom Side
• Reverse Triangle from Bottom Side
• Leg Assisted Choke from Bottom Side
• Ghost Escape to Darce
• Shrimp to Heel Hook Bottom Mount
• Shrimp to Foot Lock Bottom Mount
• Backdoor Escape to Foot Lock Bottom Mount
• Ezekiel Choke from Inside Guard
• Skirt Choke from Inside Guard
• Ankle Lock from Back Mounted
• Seagal Arm Lock from Back Mounted
• Darce Choke from Back Mount Escape

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