The Smashiest Jiu-Jitsu Guard Pass | The São Paulo Pass for Big Guys

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I've had a few requests for some "Big Guy Jiu-Jitsu" techniques, and this is one of the first that always come to mind. The Sao Paulo pass, popularized by Roberto Tozi, is a powerful pass that is perfect for a smashy BJJ game.

Don't be fooled though, this isn't just a pass for big, heavy players. I personally like to do this pass to bigger guys (although I am far from a big guy myself), as they tend to not like being folded and smashed the way this pass happens.

So, whether you're a big or small person, I hope you get some usefulness out of this pass. Let me know what you think. Thanks for watching!

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Another great video, you have a great way of explaining the reasoning behind everything you are doing. I can see this being a pretty brutal pass with a big guy on top of you :) Cheers

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02.11.2019 06:14

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02.11.2019 06:15

Thanks a lot! I try to explain with as much detail for any level as I can!

05.11.2019 02:05

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Thanks @c-squared!

05.11.2019 02:06