Exclusive Membership Videos | How to Join My Channel

Here is what you'll get if you join my channel:

In addition to the video a week I upload for free to the public, you will get a bunch of other instructional footage filmed in the classes I teach weekly.

You will also get footage of the seminars I teach and have taught at different locations. Depending on which tier you sign up for, you may get the entire seminar.

I will answer questions as quickly and thoroughly (sometimes in a video response) to technical issues regarding your training.

There are some cool badge and emoji features, chat features and other interactive parts that you only have access to as a channel member. There will also be periodic live feeds and hangouts for members only.

Did I mention how cheap this is compared to a lot of other online subscription services that don't offer nearly the amount of instructional content I put out? Well, it is.

I appreciate every viewer, subscriber and member that comes here to watch my videos. You guys are amazing and have helped me to put out and improve the quality over the years, and I pledge to keep doing so. This service will help make that happen.

Thank you all again!

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