The First Five Submissions You Need To Know | Jiu-Jitsu Basics

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It is hard to narrow down, but these are, in my opinion, the first five submissions you should learn in Jiu-Jitsu. I based this on the criteria of versatility, efficiency, mechanics and principles. There are so many important considerations to make in regard to position and setup, but it is imperative you understand how these particular techniques work.

Let me know what your top five would be, and if you have any questions you think I might be able to help with. I really appreciate you watching, liking and subscribing!

Thanks again!

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Nice, I love your instructional videos. You should look into the sports tribe and tag, I bet your content would be well rewarded there. I am not really up to speed on it but @abh12345 is in on the sports I think - maybe a random tag will get a response here with more knowledge? LOL

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Here! :)

Yes @knightbjj, you should definitely add #sportstalk to this tag so that your content will appear over at

I don't think it will work in retrospect but this is ideal content for the tribe. Cheers!

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Will do! Thanks for the suggestion.

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