3 Ways to Get Back to Standing | Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense

Situational awareness can fail. It’s something we all obviously need to practice and prioritize, but for many reasons it can fail. So it’s crucial that we have the ability and technical training to get us to a safe position in dangerous conditions. This particular instance we are focused on in this video centers around how to get back to your feet safely at various levels of lateness in recognizing the threat of a standing aggressor.

Anya and I explore three different ways to safely and technical stand up versus a standing opponent. Each of these options work in sportive, as well as self defense environments with slight modifications. These are all able to be drilled with intensity, and safely should be for any hope of developing proficiency.

Big Thanks to Musa Visual Media, LLC for the awesome video work on this one!

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Excellent. Thank you for sharing and explaining these forms of defense. It is a very useful publication! Greetings @knightbjj

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hi dear @knightbjj, oh guys, i love you;)) i would love to learn these techniques !! as soon as I can go to find a gym with Jiu-Jitsu self-defense courses! do you teach? congratulations on your work and on your curie vote

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Thanks @road2horizon. I appreciate it. Yes, I do teach at 3 Rivers Martial Arts in Paducah, KY. I also travel all over and do seminars. I encourage everyone to find a local gym and train, or find a training partner and begin learning. It's never too late!

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hey how far are you, we are in europe !! :-D

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