Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense | 4 Ways Off The Wall

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This video is in conjunction with the Budo Brothers, a martial arts team that puts out content, sells apparel and does amazing things for getting youth involved in martial arts training.

These are some helpful ways to defend against common ways someone may be pinned or attacked against a wall. I focus in this video on the one-hand choke, two-hand choke, shirt or jacket pin and the headlock. By no means a comprehensive list, but some of the most common and some of the most solid defenses available for these situations.

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03.09.2019 21:37

Great explanation! It shows that you know what you are talking about, very important is the culture of defending without causing strong damage to the attacker

04.09.2019 14:09

Thanks for the support! Yes, every action has the appropriate level of reaction.

09.09.2019 14:02