SPS Proposal for Steem-Roller.com Development


About Steem-Roller.com

Steem-Roller.com (SR) is a provably fair 1% house edge dice game built on top of the STEEM network. This site is currently under development however at this time is available to the STEEM network due to it being in open beta testing. The SR site allows users to gamble their STEEM with the ability to play customized odds and/or invest their STEEM into the sites bankroll with leverage leading to the investor receiving a portion of the sites profits or loses in proportion to the amount of the sites bankroll they are providing when a gambler wins or loses their bets. A brief overview of the sites functionality and services is listed below:

- Extremely fast off-chain provably fair betting engine ensures that rolls cannot be tampered with or modified. Multiple bets per a second, per user.
- Features a 1% house edge: Meaning that 1% of the expected return on a bet isn't paid in order to slightly tip the scales of luck in the sites favour.
- Fully customization of win chance as high as 98.99% or as low as 0.0001%. Bet multiplier on win as high as 990000x return on your wager.
- Instant investments and divests of STEEM into and out of the sites bankroll. You can become the house and leverage your investments up to 99x.
- A fully featured chatroom allows users both gambler and investor to have conversation, exchange strategies and taunt the opposing team.
- Site allows for tipping other users on the site STEEM off chain, allowing for stealthy exchange of STEEM between parties.
- Logins are available through Steem Keychain or via username and password combos. Security of accounts can be bolstered with 2FA codes.
- Deposits are credited to user balance within 15 seconds or less. Withdrawals out of the site take less than 10 seconds.

The open beta is currently available at Steem-Roller.com or with a pre-release version of Steem-Roller.com featured here. The pre-release version isn't mobile optimized at all currently so if you're navigating from a tablet or mobile device please use the first link above in order to be able to properly display the site.

Request for Funding

The site has been under construction for some time with myself being the only developer currently working on it. As it sits a new version of the site is being worked on and the upcoming patch v0.7.3 will add a ton of new functionality unrivaled by any other provably fair game of chance on the STEEM network. Funding for development was initially seeded by @ned from Steemit Inc however the funds that were allocated and procured have since run dry before the release of the full Steem-Roller.com v1.0.0 could be realized. For the past year or so no wage or funding has been available to help offset costs of living during the ongoing development of Steem-Roller.com which has in turn caused some financial strain and harships leading to a less than optimal state to develop in.

Moving on wards into the continued future development of Steem-Roller.com it's been decided to ask assistance from the new STEEM Proposal System, essentially asking our STEEM community to help sponsor the continuation of application development as well as maintenance and operating costs by voting.

A funding request of 69 SBD per a day for the next 3 months is what is asked for this proposal. This works out to around 2070 SBD a month, roughly equating to $1350 USD at current market prices for a total proposal worth to fund the remaining Steem-Roller.com development totaling around ~$4050 USD.

The proposal funding will be used to finance Steem-Roller.com's further development including implementation of new functions, changes to design/style and in depth security auditing and bug patching. Valuation of the proposal amount was calculated to cover expenses related to continuing development of the site including living expenses, grocery money and funds to afford rental of an apartment.

Each week a post will be made outlining a detailed report of the work done during said week so the community can verify progress is being made in regards to new functionality being implemented, bugs being patched and the development of the Steem-Roller.com progressing forward towards a full v1.0.0 launch. As of the time of writing this proposal (November 23rd, 2019) the following functionality is set to be released in the upcoming v0.7.3 patch due at the end of November:

- New faucet system to give away STEEM every 5 minutes, with the amount being determined by amount of STEEM wagered and # of bets placed.
- Dynamically rendered real-time profit charts that visualizes the profits / losses of players as they win and lose their bets.
- Any bets under 0.001 STEEM will be subjected to a 800ms delay on their results in order to keep dust bets from bogging the server.
- Ability to filter bets out of the image.png tab by specifying a number that any bets below will not be shown. Found on the new image.png tab.
- New restyled GUI will be deployed in order to modernize the look of the site and improve intuitive usage of functions by users.
- A STEEM price feed is now shown by the menu in the top right corner. This price feed updates itself automatically every 5 minutes and if clicked.
- Various back-end bug fixes and optimization of certain functions of the server. Additional security and sanity checks added.

Some funds will also be used to promote the site and service in order to drive users, both already STEEM users but also newcomers to the network.


Why This is Important for STEEM

The Steem-Roller.com application provides a unique investment vehicle for the STEEM token as well as an incredibly fast and secure provably fair game of chance run by a long time witness on the STEEM network. Not only does Steem-Roller.com enable liquid STEEM holders to invest and more likely than not receive a healthy return on their investment it also facilitates the distribution of wealth. Considering that nearly all functions of the site are performed off chain the Steem-Roller.com site also can function as a sort of tumbler once a large enough volume of deposits and withdrawals comes to be. The tumbler function of Steem-Roller.com wasn't intended but could certainly function once the site gets greater volume of users depositing nd such.

In order for STEEM to be successful and flourish it needs to have utility as well as places where it can be used to purchase items or services and sites where it can be invested and gambled. If you look at the history of cryptocurrency and look into what type of services that any particular token network has, 9 times out of 10 you see that the introduction of secured quality gaming sites with the ability to invest in the bankroll has helped crypto such as CLAM, LTC and EOS increase their market cap and exposure. In the case of Steem-Roller.com an off-chain, provably fair, much faster than competitor sites game that allows people to earn a return on their investments in the bankroll without locking up funds in long power down processes should be a no-brainer in regards to obvious benefits brought to the network.

Steem-Roller.com will undoubtedly serve as an attractant to those wishing to gain profits through investing or gambling, which in turn should help create a larger demand for STEEM as gamblers lose their bets, investors double down on their bankrolled amount to secure more profits and a community begins to emerge around the site.

Steem-Roller.com Needs Your Vote!

While Steem-Roller.com is still in an open beta state and is currently running and operational the fact of the matter is that the current unfunded development is quite slow in comparison to how it could be if there was actually a wage being paid allowing me to house and feed myself. Admittedly morale has been quite low lately given the fact little to no income is currently coming in from my STEEM posts and currently not able to be "self sufficient" which is a large drain on current outlook and mental health.

By supporting this proposal not only are you helping fund expedited development of a gaming service that by all rights should help our STEEM network gain more users, drive up market price, aide in wealth redistribution, bring fourth a new investment vehicle for STEEM but also helps me afford to be able to develop this and more apps.

You can vote the proposal and others at the site belw:

Steem Proposals: https://steemproposals.com/proposal/60 <-- Easiest method, shows % needed
[Vote foor this Proposal using https://steempeak.com/me/proposals
Steemit Wallet: https://steemitwallet.com/proposals

Note: 100% of post payout is set to @steem.dao via the beneficiary functi!

Voting this post helps pay the post reward to the @steem.dao.. But don't forget to head on over to https://steemproposals.com/proposal/60 and using either Keychain or SteemConnect in order to support this proposal for future Steem-Roller.com development. All votes on the proposal and my witness campaign ate greatly appreciated!

( Thank to @yabapmatt for writing the SPS Proposal for Steem Keychain Development which this proposal borrows it's poinnts from)


Every Single Vote Helps, Thanks for the Support!

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Resteemed. I support you Klye. You're site is fantastic and offers everyone a chance to make money.

24.11.2019 06:29

Thanks man. Hopefully this round of funding goes well and I'm able to actually eat properly while developing. :)

24.11.2019 06:30

You have my support. My project is in the same boat! Good luck :)

24.11.2019 07:00

Thanks man! Got a link to your proposal? I can toss my weak support at it.. Only have < 3K SP right now unfortunately.

24.11.2019 07:01

I really appreciate it. However I have not created a proposal but when I do I will let you know. Thanks again and good luck! I voted :)

24.11.2019 07:02

Lemme know when you get your proposal written up and sent in for voting. Will read it and support it assuming it's not horrible. :D

24.11.2019 07:03

!giphy approved

24.11.2019 07:54

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

24.11.2019 07:54

Thanks captain!

24.11.2019 08:20

Steem-Roller.com is currently ranked #6 on google under the term steem dice gambling!


This is with basically ZERO SEO performed on the site.. Not too shabby, it will be #1 eventually.

24.11.2019 08:11

New site looking good. :)

24.11.2019 11:44

Thanks man! Still working on it a bunch and have lots left to do, but the faucet and profit chart among some other functions are good to go.

Please consider supporting my SPS proposal by following this link!

24.11.2019 11:57

I'm heading over there shortly to show my support ofc!

24.11.2019 18:40

Yep, looks like you're good and supporting the SPS proposal. Thanks Kwa!

25.11.2019 10:03