Facebook being Quite Open About Their Facial Recognition Usage These Days... WTF


Briefly went over to check on the old FB social media spy network and was greeted by this gem of a message saying that "Your face recognition setting is off"... Which blew my god damn mind because that infers that someone likely out there has either had this set on by default or knowingly turned on facial recognition AI onto their person in order to "Help protect you and others frome impersonation and identity misuse, and improve platform reliability". These fucking dickheads at FB are actually trying to tout this as something that will be used to protect your likeness rather than stating what it actually is.. Which is in fact further prying into your personal life and cataloging of your metrics so you can be easier tracked.. What the actual fuck facebook, this is absolute horse shit and I'm seriously debating removing facebook from my life entirely.

Right after opting out of this shit it seems I'm unable to comment on anyone's stuff, which isn't really that big of a deal. If FB is going to force people to turn on facial recognition (Like it isn't already turned on, their just fishing for you to accept it to justify their asshattery) or not be able to use the platform then fuck them entirely.


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I am right there with ya. I still have my dormant acct. No un-altered images of me uploaded but someone shares a picture and names you. Done. It's too late if not gone to great extremes and still not likely you can have your privacy back on fb or anywhere else. Everyone is being profiled.

Practically nobody is paying any mind to it much less causing any pain to the motherfuckers who are throwing quality of life and everyone but high ranking ass fucks under the god damned bus.

People who do not deserve to be harassed or bothered are going to end up having their lives not worth living. No forgiveness in this world of judgement. No room to learn, not allowed to uses your own innate resourcefulness and problem solving ability.

Maybe some of those who saw what was coming ought to be given some more serious regard beside ending up in some ignorant YouTube educated ninny bitches arsenal of meme's.

Today's rant was brought to you by...

07.02.2020 04:20