Asking For Witness Vote Support From Minnow Support / PALNET !

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The Minnow Support Projects is accepting witness vote applications

As a long time witness of the STEEM blockchain seeking to get renewed support for my witness campaign I'd like to ask the Minnow Support / PAL Group to consider voting for my witness. I realize that this application may take a little while to get reviewed and accepted which is fine. Lots of stuff happening in the community and this isn't anything that needs to be rushed. The understanding I have is that the application must be gone over by the folks of PALNET then voted on to be passed before the witness is voted.

So basically I'm a 3rd party developer for STEEM, with all my coding knowledge being self taught, with a number of previous projects underneath my belt and currently working on a provably fair game and investment vehicle for STEEM called Before the end of the year the goal is to have the service completed and turned into a multi-token game, which would support both SMT and Steem-Engine tokens. What I could do for the PAL token is allow it to be invested and wagered on the site once the site is ready to support multiple currencies. This would give additional usage for the PAL token and thus would perhaps increase the price of said token.

Have done lots of work helping noobs with stuff within the STEEM community, be it with help coding stuff, answering questions they have or pointing them in the right direction in order for them to get a footing within the community. On top of this as I gain more SP I'll use it to vote up and coming users as well as get fresh recruits their first payouts on the blockchain in order to boost retention of new users.

Hopefully witness support is granted to the @klye account from the Minnow Support / PALNET Community.
Thank you for reading this and considering voting for me. :)

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14.02.2020 14:00

klye witness vote.png

14.02.2020 15:59


I wish I had more votes to give

14.02.2020 18:36