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Welcome back to this amazing platform.
A few days ago I returned to write and share something I deem worthy of sharing with all the steemians.

However, everything is not as I imagined, this is due to a change in regulations on the Steemit platform.

Incidentally today I met the old steemian and he did his self-introduction first.

His name is @heriadi, @irawandedy @faisalking, @slempase @miftahuddin, and there are many other active steemians who are likely to continue the struggle here.

My friends advised me to re-introduce myself to follow this new regulation according to the provisions made by this steemit platform.


Well, here I am trying to introduce myself to all steemians.

My name is Maulana but you can call me @klen.civil, now I work for a government agency in North Aceh Regency under the auspices of the village ministry. My position at work is as a development supervisor in North Aceh District.

Previously, I studied at Malikussaleh University majoring in Civil Engineering. I graduated from there in 2013 as an undergraduate.

Well, for a hobby or routine besides work, I really like writing, traveling, photography, reading the latest news, food lover, and trying new things that I consider a challenge to solve.

For traits that I really hate are traitors and sycophants. Apart from that I am one of those people who really care for other people.

Meanwhile, now I still live in North Aceh Regency. I live with my parents and brother. I was born in 1988 and was the last of five children, and I am still single. :)

Now, as I said above, my goal to return to the Steemit platform is to get back on track and share interesting things in my life.

To me Steemit is a really great platform that can change a person's life to interact with one another. And this steemit can also change our mindset to develop for the better.


This is my reintroduction for all steemians, hopefully with this introduction it can strengthen the relationship between fellow platform users here.

I also need criticism and suggestions from seniors on this platform, for example @cmp2020, @cryptokannon, @whitestallion, @yohan2on,@randulakorala, @besticofinder, @bright-obias, @belenguerra, @tarpan, @neerajkr03, @anroja, @sapwood, @tocho2, @radjasalman, @adeljose, @saxopedia, @hassanabid, @kiwiscanfly, @fendit, @njaywan, etc.

And do not forget to also say a thousand thanks to the founders of the communty on this platform who will lead me to post to their community later in accordance with the fields that the community has created.

And my utmost respect to the founder of this steemit platform.

North Aceh, March 03, 2021

Best Regard


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