| The Diary Game : 22 February 2021 : 100% power up

Hello Steemians , How was it going friends ? I hope all of you are doing great . So let's get started and talk about my today's activity .Today why you woke up at 5 AM then go to morning walk with our grandfather It was not cold cold when i go to walk today the clouds are clear In an hour we complete our work and back to the home after that I brush our teeth and bath and eat breakfast quickly . Then I used to power my phone in about an hour after that me and my brother decided to eat chole bhature on Street It’s was very yummy and tasty I think you should see that it’s very delicious .

take a view of Chole bhature





After that eat of chole bhature Me and Brother decided to come back home because mom waiting for us we should also pack some chole bhature for our mother and he is all happy happy for us .
Mother is always take care of us sometime we are doing something for Mother I love my mother
At last usually in the evening I will help my mother for preparing dinner and I will serve the dinner all or family members and eat our self also then I will decided to sleep it’s my whole day journey is written @kiyaragupta

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