Understanding your Steemit wallet & Powering up

This is brief explanation of our Steemit wallet which i hope will make understanding your wallet simpler,

Wallet Overview

Lets start with the Wallet itself and explain the 3 types of Steem

  • Steem
  • Steem power
  • SBD - Steem backed dollars

Here is a snapshot of my wallet from just before, i broke it up by having some different coloured boxes


The blue area is your Steem, but in this form its liquid which means you can transfer to another account or trade it on the internal market or power it up to Steem power

The green area shows your Steem power which is locked up, think of it as investing in Steemit inc & you.

To make this liquid again you will need to power down which takes 4 weeks. Having more Steem power allows you to comment and perform transactions like posting but also increases your stake overall.
holding steem in this form will help your account & influence grow

The yellow area represents your SBD - Steem backed dollars which can be traded for Steem on our internal market, or transfer to another user etc.

You will see i have placed some pink boxes to the right which show the drop down boxes you need to click to perform some of the above transactions.

Lets do a Power Up!

As you can see in my wallet i have 87.186 steem which if we remember above it's in a liquid form, i want to Power that Steem up so i can continue to build my own Steem power!

first click on the drop down box and scroll down and choose "Power Up"
Next this screen will ask you how much of the liquid steem you want to power up? The red highlighted box shows how much liquid steem i have and the bluebox is the amount i input to Power Up
i am powering the whole lot so i just click that and press the Power up button
After a couple of seconds it should show your Steem power has increased

i hope you have better understanding of your Steemit wallet :)

This guide is for the Steem blockchain :)

Please join us on July 1st for our Monthly Steem power up day where you could win some awesome prizes!


I am @kiwiscanfly


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I will join SPUD for sure... but i don't think i will be able to rank top 5!šŸ˜‰

23.06.2020 07:21

In the past 2 months some of the winners of #SPUD4STEEM have said the same :)

do it :)

23.06.2020 07:29

I have in this moment a bit over 10300 SP and i will Power Up most probably with a bit over 1100 SP so an increase of 11% i don't think will rank me top 5... but in the spirit of SPUD and maybe to be an example for others i will join for sure.
I hope on 1st July SPUD will have a super Power Up Fiesta!

23.06.2020 07:47

I must be a beneficiary of #spud4steem in no time, though Iā€™m new.

24.07.2020 17:38

Your presentation is always great. thanks for info

23.06.2020 16:06

Thanks for your kinds words

Steem on

23.06.2020 23:09

Thanks for your guideline.

23.06.2020 17:15

Glad you liked it :)

23.06.2020 23:10

Thanks, really help to understand

23.06.2020 20:02

glad to hear it helps

have a great day

23.06.2020 23:10

thanks, your information is very useful

23.06.2020 21:48

Happy you got something out of it :)

23.06.2020 23:11

I haven't been powering up lately. In fact I have been powering down because it has been tough to see if there is a future for me here. I like to post but have had no support lately. It would be nice if the community becomes strong again.

23.06.2020 22:29

Yeah i hear ya,

Hoping the community bounces back

23.06.2020 23:12

that would be awesome. I'm just very unsure of how that happens.

24.06.2020 01:58

big thanks you have me helped

23.06.2020 22:37

Thanks for stopping by

Have a super Steemit day

23.06.2020 23:12

Very educating , especially to the newbies.

But what is the relationship between the SBD and the American dollar at the moment? Is there any correlation??

23.06.2020 22:49

I knew i missed something, SBD are pegged to stay around $1 USD

23.06.2020 23:09

Thanks. Noted!

24.06.2020 00:11

Wow!! Interesting to know this too

Thank you @kiwiscanfly

07.07.2020 13:38

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Pretty good tutorial @kiwiscanfly, it is easy to understand how-to explanation :D

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26.06.2020 07:51

Hi friend, great tutorial..!

27.06.2020 17:31

Thank you for this wonderful article @kiwiscanfly.
This information is so useful especially to newbies like myself who just joined Steemit yesterday.
And a whole lots of questions has been going through my mind.
At least you have answered a part of it.
And i look forward in getting cleared on how to embark on this steemit journey.

04.07.2020 20:01

@kiwiscanfly thanks for the highlight. I will join the SPUD.

07.07.2020 01:51

Excellent - good stuff

07.07.2020 02:53

@kiwiscanfly wow!!! I am now reliefed , i have been on steemit since 4days ago as a newbie and i have been having issues with knowing what the steem wallet is all about , what SBD stands for , what thoes figures really meant and how to power up
but i was not able to get answers and would not want to ask my mentor@focusnow because i really want to know it by regular engagements, but now that i have to write on my achievement 2, a link was provided and that is how i got here ;

This tutorial is indeed an eye opener , it has really helped me alot , i now feel like i belong here , thank you so much @kiwiscanfly you are a good teacher;

Faith @dlioness

07.07.2020 13:36

This was really helpful. Before reading this post, the whole wallet part of steem confused me extremely. But now I have a better understanding of it. Thanks so much

19.07.2020 18:01

Thank you brother that was helpful

20.07.2020 02:28

Thanks for this info, very relevant

24.07.2020 05:48

It's a great article to understand about the wallet. Thank you..

oneprecent #srilanka

19.09.2020 07:47

Thanks sir. Noted

04.11.2020 13:47

Espectacular! Muchas gracias!!

07.11.2020 20:37

Quite educating, i never knew all of these. Thank you for sharing.

15.11.2020 23:29

Quite educating,
I never knew all of these.
Thank you for sharing.

                 - frankly356

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15.11.2020 23:29

I don't really know much about steemit. I'm trying to explore the steemit platform, please what's the meaning of that statement, "I'm a bot. I detect haiku".?

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